Get ready to transport yourself to a new world of pleasure with the latest Agent Provocateur latest lingerie campaign film.

Tantalising colours, new forms and figures set against a beautiful backdrop of lush flowers and drapes is the setting for the Agent Provocateur 2021 lingerie campaign, aptly named ‘Super Natural’.

“I fell in love with this idea of three visionary women radiating the quintessential AP DNA of fearless femininity and totally in control. Acting as guardians of art, romance, sensuality, and nature. Muses to lingerie lovers across the globe. This campaign imagines the world these women have created and showcases their supernatural beauty,” Sarah Shotton, Creative Director.

Gliding across pools of silver water, the Provocateur’s reflection is cast back at them. A mirrored view that radiates flawlessly feminine energy that causes nearby buds to blossom and burst open in an array of dizzying colours.

Our triptych bestows gifts of nature to our AP aficionados in the form of exquisite lingerie, sumptuous nightwear, and hotter than hot swimwear. Each one imbuing the wearer with confidence and control.

The collection itself is a spectrum of new colours and tantalising textures. Think bright pinks, shimmering golds, wild-leopard print, sunset oranges, royal purples, and sublime corals paired fused with lavish laces, smooth satins, and plush jersey.

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