In this week’s releases the word EPIC seems to be banded around quite freely, one movie claims to be the “Epic” conclusion while another just simply has so much faith in itself it’s actually called EPIC oh and there’s thrilling little foreign film with a big star we all know.

The Hangover III

So it’s time for the final nightmare outing for the boys of the wolfpack, there’s no weddings, no bachelor party just a plan old road trip. Alan’s father has passed away and the boys decide to take him to get the treatment he needs for his mental health issues. Of course nothing is ever quite plan sailing where these friends are concerned as on the way to the hospital Doug get’s kidnapped and the outlandish shenanigans start right there.

The Hangover III see’s Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha team up again for this final part of the trilogy, but considering these boys couldn’t save the very dismal 2nd part of this series I don’t think we can really hold out much hope in this being any better. Will this be the EPIC conclusion it claims and so wants to be for you?


From the makers of Ice Age and Rio, EPIC is a 3D CG adventure of a teenage girl who finds herself in a fantastical world, completely different from her own, and full of talking slugs and other larger-than-life comical creatures. Very soon she finds herself teaming up with an elite band of warriors in order to win the battle to save the natural world against the evil forces who want to destroy it.

You’ll hear the familiar voices of Beyonce, Amanda Seyfried, Colin Farrell, Pitbull and Christoph Waltz, booming out the speakers and graphically this picture looks pretty impressive, that of which only a big screen could do it justice. Question is will this movie really live up to its title?

Everybody Has a Plan

Agustin is tired of his life in Buenos Aires and desperate to abandon what has become so frustrating; once he finds out his twin brother has “died” he sees this as an opportunity to start over again and adopts his identity and move back to where they both grew up as kids in Tigre. Unfortunately for him his brother wasn’t a saint and soon finds himself wrapped up in a dangerous criminal world that his brother tried so hard to get away from.

Everybody Has a Plan is a foreign drama/thriller which could very well surprise you. You may moan and groan once you hear this is a Spanish language film, but we have the very talented Mr. Viggo Mortensen playing the lead. Viggo always brings an air of suspense and intrigue to his roles and I can’t see him disappointing us this time round. I think we may have another Taken on our hands; you should give it a try.

My Pick of the Week: Everybody Has a Plan

By Zehra Phelan