Wretch 32 returns with incredibly inspiring & motivational short-film: “When I See You, I See Me” – in collaboration with Adidas and The Tate.

In “When I See You, I See Me”, which premiered on Friday evening, Wretch 32 blends spoken word, with candid statements and cinematic visuals? The visual motivational piece, aims to draw attention to the everyday superstar; those superstars who walk among us, outside of the celebrity world. Wretch seeks to highlight the modern-day superstar, who isn’t famous; but iconic.

Superstardom goes beyond fame. Wretch’s own experience is such that he didn’t ever feel his art could be housed somewhere like The Tate, so it seemed the perfect setting for this message.

Watch ‘When I See You, I See Me’

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Following on from the critically acclaimed “6 Words”, Wretch 32 returns, and he has something to say. A visual motivational piece, Wretch splices spoken word, with a candid statement on his past experiences, and expertly cinematic visuals.

The Tate, one of Great Britain’s most renowned galleries, is a place Wretch 32 hadn’t ever thought his art could fit, or live in. It therefore made perfect sense to host his latest motivational offering in the legendary building; inspiring himself, in order to inspire others: “…from the estate, to the EsTate.”

Wretch speaks on the visual: “The modern superstar isn’t famous, they’re iconic. They mean something to people. They bring people together, and when I see them, I see me…”

An idea born from Wretch’s personal experiences, “When I See You, I See Me” serves the purpose of highlighting the modern day regular superstars. Wretch wanted to show that kids who have grown up on the estates, can push through the general stereo-types, becoming icons – not necessarily famous; but more important than a celebrity, Crucial members of a community.  The video features regular iconic starts from Tottenham; perfectly illustrating exactly what Wretch seeks to communicate. “A superstar [to me] is a respected individual, who understands the role they play in society; and wears that, like a tailored suit.”
Collaboration with both The Tate and Adidas, this visual motivational piece proves that there are superstars everywhere. “When I See You, I See Me.”

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