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Do you worry about your home heating bills in the winter? You don’t have to.

Finding ways to keep your energy bill low doesn’t have to be complicated, and even in the winter you can slash your household bills.

Check out the tips below to find out the many ways to keep your energy bill as low as possible this fall, whether you are looking to invest in long-term savings or possibly look for a new energy provider.

Look for the Latest Offers

Residential energy prices vary a lot, and you could be paying a lot more than you need to for your energy bills.  The best thing to do is use a comparison website.  Here, you can input the average amount of energy you use (you can find this information on your last bill), and search for energy providers in your area.  The comparison website should give you a comprehensive list of the providers available, their prices, the terms of their tariffs, and whether they have any special offers for new customers.  If you find a provider that is cheaper, don’t be afraid to make the switch.

Central Heating

Old boilers can cost more to run than new ones. However, given the fact that buying a brand new boiler can cost you between $4000 and $8000, replacing your boiler is not always the solution to saving money. Instead, check out SmartlyHeated for some good home heating solutions.

Home Energy Assessment

A home energy assessment, also known as an Energy Audit can help you determine your energy use and costs throughout your entire home. It can find out where your home is losing energy, and show you which problems you should prioritize to fix to make your home more comfortable and efficient. This is how you conduct your own home audit assessment.

Energy Efficient Applications

Most goods come with energy efficient stickers with ratings on the label, which are usually between A-G. Running your appliances such as your freezer, cooker and fridge is one of the biggest contributors to your home energy bill. Therefore, it makes sense to switch to energy efficient appliances. As well as energy efficient appliances you can also get energy efficient light bulbs. Having these will both decrease the amount of energy you use in your household and also your utility bills.

Adding Insulation

With the benefits of adding insulation to your loft or any part of your home being substantial it can also be moderately difficult to do it yourself. Not only useful for keeping the house warmer in winter but also cooler in the summer, adding insulation to your house is definitely an advantage. Depending on the type of material you use you could be able to save quite a bit of money over time with insulation in your home.

There are many useful tips online where you will be able to find out ways to save money on your utility bills this fall, do your research, shop around and switch to a different provider if necessary.