wedding castle

Want to make your wedding stand out from the crowd? Then read on to discover our ideas for giving your traditional wedding a unique and personal twist that will create special memories for you and your guests.

Add a hint of vintage  

To give your wedding a distinctive look, include a hint of vintage style, from your wedding dress to the car you arrive in or the music playing at your reception, there are lots of opportunities to include elements from your favourite era in your wedding. Instead of a sit-down meal of several courses, consider serving your guests afternoon tea on vintage china, scour your local charity shops for tea services, and you could even give each of your guests a vintage tea cup to take home as their wedding favour. Alternatively, go the whole hog and give your wedding a vintage theme such as the “roaring twenties” or the “fabulous fifties” and get all of your guests into the spirit too.         

Add handmade elements

Give your wedding a unique and personal touch by incorporating handmade elements, such as the invitations, table decorations, bunting, wedding favours or your wedding cake. Handmade items will make your wedding stand out from the crowd and make more lasting memories. You could even incorporate some of the craft activity into your hen party. So go ahead and get creative and make your wedding unique.

Choose locally grown flowers

To make your traditional wedding unique, choose locally grown flowers, whether from friends, family or a professional grower. By using local flowers, you’ll be helping the environment, cutting down on air miles and giving your wedding a pretty seasonal look. Choose local, seasonal flowers, and you are likely to have a lot more scent than you would from many flowers grown on a large, commercial basis. You may find a local farm that offers a pick-your-own wedding flowers service near you, as these are becoming increasingly popular. If you contact your local grower early enough, they may be able to tailor what they grow to suit your preferences. You could even provide a flower station at the wedding for your guests so they could make their own button holes and corsages.

Choose a seasonal or regional menu 

Catering for weddings tends to be very similar from one venue to another, but make your wedding unique by incorporating local delicacies or seasonal food into your menu. From mulled wine and mince pies for a Christmas wedding to regional favourites like Cornish Pasties, Bakewell Tart or Yorkshire Pudding, give your wedding a unique twist with the menu you choose. When it comes to a late night snack to keep the party going, why not choose a regional pie, pastry or pasty to keep everyone’s energy levels up. Your catering will leave a lasting impression on your guests, so take the time to consider the menu and make it stand out from the rest.     

Music at the ready 

Music provides lots of opportunities to give your wedding a unique twist, from your choice of tunes to how they are performed or by whom. You might even have talented guests at the wedding who would like to get involved. Also, consider commissioning a piece of music for your wedding, so part of your wedding is truly unique. Engaging a local choir could add a memorable touch and leave your congregation feeling less self-conscious about singing. When it comes to live music, a jazz trio, a barbershop group or folk group will inject more personality into the proceedings.

Keep the young folk entertained

Set aside a room close to your reception as a dedicated space for the young guests at your wedding – meaning parents can pop in to check on their children regularly throughout the event. Hire a couple of nannies or babysitters to look after the children; and provide lots of games and activities to keep them amused. Give the children a different gift to the rest of your guests, such as a small attaché case, full of colouring, craft and activity books to keep them busy. Just ensure there are lots of comfortable places for them to have a snooze, should they need to. 


Some of the most memorable weddings incorporate an unusual mode of transport like an old London bus or a tractor – perhaps there is a vehicle that holds particular resonance for you and your family. Consider how you could use vehicles to give your wedding a unique flair, from the arrival of the bride to the transportation of your guests.

Incorporate aspects of your life

Incorporate aspects of your life into your wedding to make your day unique. You could use your hobbies, your work, your favourite music, love of travel to inspire elements of your wedding. Consider the things that are important to you both, and introduce them into your wedding to make it unique. Get your guests to sign the shirt of your favourite sports team, a globe or a guitar instead of a traditional guest book. From small, telling details to an overarching theme, introduce aspects of your life into your wedding and give it a character unlike any other.

Choose a venue with character 

Another way in which you can introduce some personality into your wedding is to choose a venue with character. Choosing your venue is one of the most important decisions you’ll make about the day, so take the time to consider both you and your guest’s experience. A French chateau wedding, for example, would provide you with a breathtaking setting in which to enjoy your special day, with enchanting spaces inside and out, helping to make your memories of the day, ones you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Whether you are getting married at home or away, consider venues that aren’t just run of the mill, and that will give a unique feel to your wedding.

So there you have our top tips for making your wedding truly unique, from your choice of flowers and decorations to the menu, venue, transport and music. There is a lot you can do to make your traditional wedding, distinct from so many others.