high speed internet

Today everyone wants to have an internet connection with faster speeds. It wouldn’t be great for you to be watching a Netflix show that keeps on buffering.

Slow internet is terrible, and many people who have experienced it usually tend to look for solutions to try and speed up their connections. With lots of information on potential solutions on how to speed your connections, some are straight-up fake, while others require technical expertise.

If you keep experiencing a slow internet connection, here are some easy, practical, and cheap ways on how to make your internet connection faster.

Use ethernet where necessary

Even though everybody uses Wi-Fi today due to its convenience, cable connections like ethernet are always more reliable and faster than WI-FI. This is because cable gets its signal directly to your device, unlike Wi-Fi, which relies on wireless transmission. Devices like TVs, desktop computers, and gaming consoles can be connected via ethernet as they are mostly stationary devices. Once you switch to ethernet, you will notice an immediate change in your streaming and faster downloads. Another advantage of using ethernet is that it is more secure than WI-FI.

Disable background programs

As you use the internet, your computer is continuously running multiple programs in the background. Apps and installed programs could be auto-updating or remain active in the background resulting in you experiencing slow internet connections. If you realize your internet connection has slowed down, you should examine all computer programs running in the background. You should disable all background activities and activate them when you are not actively using the internet

Reposition your router

Obstruction to your WI-FI network can affect your internet speed as it interferes with the proper signal transmission. Additionally, poor placement of the WI-FI router can result in a weakened signal, which also affects your internet speeds. Once you notice slow internet speeds, the first thing is to check on the placement of your router. Remove any obstruction between your router and device. Avoid placing your router in places with lots of metal appliances. It would help if you placed your router in a central location to ensure all devices have better access to the internet signal. If you do this and still experience slow connections, then try switching your router location until you find the right spot that gives you better speeds.

Install a plugin to ‘clear cache’

When you browse the internet, browsers collect your data and send it to websites that have installed cookies on your browser. This data is what companies use to provide you with more targeted content. Now you know why you keep seeing the same ads everywhere on the internet! Anyway, the more cookies you have installed on your browser, the more likely you will have reduced internet speeds ad cookies rely on your connection to send bits of information. Getting rid of these cookies periodically is one way to ensure you have better speeds. Even though you can do this manually, installing a plugin is the best option as it will be programmed to clear your cache after a given timeframe, like daily, weekly, or monthly. Additionally, you can use optimized web browsers that are built to enhance faster internet speeds.

Change your internet plan

If you continuously experience slow connections, then you might need to reconsider your current internet plan. Call your provider to see whether they have another plan that offers higher internet speeds than what you currently have. If you use the internet regularly on multiple devices, then you should consider shifting to Unlimited Fibre Broadband plans. This will result in increased internet speeds as fiber broadband plans rely on fiber optic cables, which deliver high-speed data across longer distances resulting in faster download speeds.

The best way to go about changing your plan to research and review available Internet service providers’ plans in your area. Once you find a great plan suitable for your internet needs, you can call and speak to their company representatives.

Ensure your internet connection is secure

You might be having slow internet speeds because you are sharing your internet signal with several devices nearby without your knowledge. The best way to ensure your internet connection is secure is to disable network sharing on your router and add a strong password. If you have regular guests, it is advisable to set up a separate guest network. You should also regularly change your password to keep hackers and unauthorized users who might have gotten your password at bay. Installing a firewall to prevent viruses from your connection and using a virtual private network to encrypt your private data are also recommended ways of keeping your internet connection secure.

Scan your computer for malware

If your internet connection is slow and you begin getting random pop up adverts whenever you are online, this is a clear sign that your computer is infected by malware. Malware is an illegal program that utilizes your computer system from a hard drive to internet connection to accomplish unlawful and harmful activities like sending virus- embedded emails to people and copying your data without authorization. These activities do clog your computer and the internet, leading to slow internet speeds. The best way to remove malware is to install an updated anti-virus and use it to identify and remove malware from your computer. Once you remove malware, you will immediately notice an increase in internet speeds.

faster internet

If you have undertaken most of the tweaks and changes discussed above and you still have a slow internet connection, then the problem might be your internet provider. The easiest way to confirm that your internet provider is responsible for your slow internet speeds is to read their reviews online with an emphasis on internet speeds. If you find that other users are also worried about their internet speeds, then it’s time for you to change to a more reliable internet provider who provides faster speeds. When you decide to switch, you should undertake a detailed review of all internet providers in your area to ensure you get a reliable and professional internet company with great internet plans.