Oh the joys of Twitter! As if we really needed another excuse to stay addicted to our phones, this latest edition to the social network takeover, has succeeded in consuming all of our “spare time”. By asking one simple question Twitter has managed to bridge the ocean sized gap between celebrities and everybody else. Through regular, unedited and somewhat controversial updates, we’ve had access to world exclusives (bar the shady inside source), followed celebrities without the fear of being called a stalker and of course networked with our peers. If you haven’t pledged your allegiance to Twitter Nation as of yet, here are the top 15 Tweeters that have set the blogs on fire and will most certainly keep you entertained.

tynchy_smallTinchy Stryder
They may have robbed Tinchy at the MOBO’s but he is definitely a winner in our eyes. Having had a taste of commercial success, Tinchy Stryder frequently shares his journey with his fans on Twitter through snapshots and is constantly interacting with his followers.

The number one college fan has been flagged up on twitter as being a bit of a Devil’s advocate; either that or he’s simply proving he’s not afraid to speak his mind. Asher caused a recent uproar within the hip hop community with one of his status updates where he expressed his views on President Obama not being worthy of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. Very controversial in my eyes, but if that’s what you like, Asher is sure to feed your appetite.

Twitter is another notch on his cyberspace quest for domination. At one point P. Diddy was the No.1 person on Twitter with only the company Mac with more followers. Here he Tweets about absolutely everything. After a recent visit to BET’s 106&Park, Diddy lost a $20,000 ring in the crowd of which he expressed his nonchalant view on the matter, he also talks about his children, and all things that concern Bad Boy Records! For the best entertainment, check out P. Diddy on Twitter.
This self proclaimed ‘Twitter King’ has surprisingly, acquired a healthy appetite for all things Tweet as of late. Fab recently fired shots at 50 Cent for not asking him to perform at the ‘Thisis50festival’ in their home city of New York, which, we all know 50 had a field day responding too. He also gave word of T pain’s impromptu diss comments made over the microphone at a club in Vegas, where his response to Jay- Z’s D.O.A didn’t go down to well with the fellow Brooklyn rapper. Somebody’s definitely keeping his fingers active with this one; check out Twitter, Loso’s way.

Award winning Flavour Magazine always does it big, so you already know our Twitter page is extra special. Where do we begin? From breaking entertainment news, to fantastic competition giveaways, to the ever successful Miss Flavour beauty pageant, Flavour is working 24/7 to keep your swag turned on at all times. Follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates.

Ms Hilson has recently taken her fans with her on her first ever journey to South Africa, uploading pictures of herself and her mum and still finding time to drop her fans a message proving she really does have a lot of energy! Everyone’s best newcomer is working her Twitter page and securing more and more followers each day. If you haven’t followed her already, now’s the time.
Ri Ri finally got a clue and gave into the strong forces of Twitter. Having recently joined the site Rhianna has posted release dates of her up coming album featuring her new single Russian Roulette. Its early days, but watch this space because I’m sure something will pop off on there any day now.
We’ve heard bits and pieces of music from Cassie this year, but she has gained more popularity for her Twitter activity. Débuting her brand new hairstyle as well as addressing the topless pictures of her that surfaced on the net, Cassie’s Twitter activity has raised a number of eyebrows. Her most recent post points all fingers in the direction of a Mr P Diddy who she is rumoured to be dating, writing ‘I want him 2 b…the cup 2 my cake, the bubbles 2 my bath, the yin 2 my yang…but MOSTLY I want him 2 b the EVERY 2 my thing’. Follow Cassie and continue to watch the Diddy/Cassie saga unfold.

mr-hudson_145Mr Hudson
Everybody loves Mr Hudson right now, from Jay Z, to Drake to Chipmunk; Kanye West’s protégé has made a great album and an even greater impact on the music industry. Followers of Mr Hudson do it slightly for cosmetic reasons, because it’s a good look for one as he’s hot right now, but he seems to be a nice guy, requesting for constant feedback on all you favourite songs on the album.

MC Hammer has managed to drag himself back into the spotlight no thanks to the help of Twitter. With over a million followers, it appears that Hammers revamped fame may be creating a few opportunities for him. Will he back with a vengeance?
I’m pretty sure everyone’s been taken over by X-Factor fever. The performances are bigger and better, the judge’s claws are out in full force and John and Edward, err…I’ll let you fill in the gap. Their Twitter page is loaded with Tweets covering the nights’ events with everyone cashing in on the fun, gossip and criticism including celebrities. For the latest X-Factor action, they are definitely ones to follow.

You either love or hate Kim Kardashian, but for all the girly girls out there, Kim’s Tweets are cute for lack of a better word. Keeping up with the Kardashian’s is one of E! Entertainment’s highest rating reality shows, and Kim is available online giving the low down on hers and her sister Kourtney’s pregnancy and the vicious rumours about little sister Khloe and her recent to marriage to NBA Star Lamar Odom.

If you are a You Tube junkie, then you maybe aware of JD’s Living the Life blogs, where Jermaine Dupri, singer/songwriter Johnta Austin (Tyrese, Mary J Blige), producer Bryan Michael Cox (Usher, Day 26) and Trey Songz, collectively known as the Ocean Boys, document their time in the studio working with number of artists and share their tales of the good life. All the existing Lifers out there know its pure comedy and JD’s Twitter is an extension of this blog with followers tweeting on each instalment and the different issues JD and his boys bring up. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Alexandra-Burke-145Alexandra Burke
Since the release of her debut single and album, Alexandra’s tweets have definitely been more frequent than usual. Once again showcasing how grateful she is to the public for enabling her to live out her dream, Alex tweets on everything from going to Radio 1 and being excited about seeing Reggie Yates to meeting Clive Davis for the first time. Continue the journey with this talented X-Factor winner and former Flavour Magazine cover star.

Let’s just say C.Breezy has had a lot of time on his hands since the ‘incident’ that occurred earlier this year. Having been summoned to the confinements of Virginia State, and good old community service, Twitter has seen Chris, get up close and personal with his followers, uploading, pictures of him at his family home, new songs, making speculative comments about ‘missing someone in his life’ and he’s even poked humour at himself and the ‘incident’ . If you’re still a Chris Brown fan and want to know what he’s getting up to, his Twitter pages holds no punches.



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