Down at Flavour HQ we were sitting and thinking of new ways to bring you interviews and then we thought…hey why not let our readers get chance to put some of the questions to the stars? So here we go…

Boyz II Men one of the most successful groups of all time are dropping their new album, Twenty this year and we want you, the readers to come up with the questions. The best questions will be used in the interview and then we will ask Boyz II Men which question they thought was the best and voila the person who asks the best question gets a personalised and signed copy of their latest album.

For a chance to get this brilliant prize, send in your question with your name, address, age and location by September 28 to


Check out some of these Boyz II Men videos as a reminder of how phenomenal these guys are.

If I’ll Make Love to You didn’t float your boat (can’t imagine why though!), then here’s End of the Road.

Remember, the Boyz will be performing at this year’s MOBO Awards next month to celebrate their 20 years in the music industry. They will perform a selection of their classic songs as well as new recordings from their new album in Glasgow October 5.

By Rykesha Hudson

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