sexy-body-1To enjoy life and bridge the gap between health and perfection! Here are our top 10 London Live checks.

1. Inner Hydration

Drink 6-8 glasses of water, spread them out throughout the day, it will help to keep the skin clear and remove toxins.

2. Protection

Sun Protection Factor is a sun shine must have for all skins. Re apply every hour and avoid mid day sun. The sun produces Vitamin D and is good for us in small amounts, just don’t abuse it, you only have one skin.

3. Silky Smooth skin

Exfoliation is a summer must for smooth skin. Body brush or cleansing mitts, used in gentle upward motion improves the appearance of the skin; concentrate around the thighs to combat cellulite.

4. Glistening skin

After exfoliating envelope your skin in moisture to protect from dehydration using a fragrance free product and for that extra bling add a little shimmer.

5. Green tea

Green tea’s latest research shows it contains; CLA a fat loss property, Vitamin E a free radical for clear skin and Vitamin C for the immune system. And if that not enough if you drink it with plenty of water it helps rid the body of 2-4 pounds of excess fluid

6. Freshen up

Most perfumes contain alcohol and can dry out the skin or cause irritation in hot climates. Opt for alcohol free non-photosensitising products and sprays like Clarins Eau Dynamisante £23.98

7. Eat your way fit

A well balanced diet is a must to prevent dry hair, skin and keep nails in tip top condition. Getting your 5 a day has never been so easy, the African Mango is tipped by some experts to help weight loss and reduce cholesterol making it the perfect summer fruit.

8. Shady Shades

Check for the official UV safety stamp. You could be putting your eyes at risk, if you have dark unprotected lenses, the pupil will enlarge then damaging rays enter the iris. Check your sunglasses are at least; a grey tinted lens, Cat.2 (medium tint/bright sunlight), it protects against 70% UV light and specifies UV400 safety standard. For intense conditions opt for a Cat 3 and 95% UV Filter.

9. Sleek Hair

A sheen enhancer is a light spray created to restore natural moisture to dry hair and can be sprayed when needed. Alternatively for a deep treatment, shampoo, towel dry, apply a deep penetrating conditioner and wrap for 15mins in a warm towel then rinse, the result soft shiny hair. (Olive Oil Organic Root Stimulator™ products)

10. If you want to get ahead get a cap!

Did you know not only will a cap protect your scalp from drying out it will also help filter damaging UV rays that enter the gap in your sunglasses

Words by Lea James