Are you planning to have your house join the roughly 5 million homes sold in the UK annually? Economic and political changes have significantly altered the landscape of the property market in the UK.

Are you aware of how difficult selling a home can be and the options that are available to you? Here’s what you need to know.

Traditional Estate Agents

Estate agents can help you to navigate the complicated world of selling your home, especially during uncertain times like these.  As experts who specialise in the intricacies of the industry, agents offer a level of expertise that will help you position your property for an advantageous sale. This includes providing staging advice and assistance, positioning the property strategically to ensure that it gets maximum exposure to potential buyers and hosting viewings. During viewings, your estate agent will put expert pitch knowledge to use with a view to swaying potential buyers into making an offer.  Anl estate agent will also help you to ensure that your house is priced to sell. A professional estate agent is also equipped to help you navigate the sale process without contravening any laws or regulations. 

Quick Sale Companies

Despite your best efforts, you might find that your property remains on the market for months after you’ve listed it. This can be a really inconvenient situation if you find yourself needed to sell quickly to facilitate a move or to buy another property. If you wish to speed things along then you may want to consider quick cash sale options. Companies that can sell your house fast like Open Property Group can facilitate the ideal solution for many UK homeowners.

This option has become quite popular among homeowners in the UK due to the fact that it represents a relatively easy way to get a cash offer on your flat, house or tenanted property. Opting to use this method translates into a hassle-free sale as you get to forego the tedious and often costly aspects of traditional house sales such as effecting repairs, negotiating with prospective buyers and hosting viewings.


Putting your home up for auction is another method you can use to secure a sale. When auctions work out well, bidders compete for properties and this results in prices being driven up. To ensure that this outcome is achieved though, you’ll need to ensure that your property is desirable. This means you may need to spend some time and money on improvements.  But even if you’re unable to get these improvements done, an auction can be a great way to secure a sale.

One of the great things about auctions is the relative speed with which your property is sold and the certainty of the sale. Because the winning bidder has to put down a 10% deposit immediately after winning, the sale is more secure than traditional negotiations which can sometimes be abandoned.

Regardless of the method, you decide to use to sell your property, it is advised that you do a bit of homework to ensure that the results are in your favour financially.