The MOT test is a roadworthiness test introduced in the United Kingdom in 1960 in an endeavour to reduce the number and severity of road traffic accidents on the UK’s growing and ever-busier road network.

However, some vehicles do not need to have an MOT certificate, even if they are used on public roads. This is known as being MOT exempt. Let’s have a look in more detail at some of the vehicles that are MOT exempt.

If It’s Less than Three Years Old

This is one that most drivers already know: if your car is less than three years old, it does not need an MOT certificate for the first three years from the first registration date. However, if your first MOT is coming due, you can pass your MOT Test in London with confidence by scheduling an appointment with the experts at Elite Direct today!

If It’s Vintage/ Classic

If your is older than forty years old, it becomes known as a classic car (even older cars are categorised as ‘vintage’ and both qualify under the umbrella of ‘historic’ cars) and it is no longer necessary to have the car MOTed on a regular basis. This is because most cars of this age are second cars, often collectables, and thus are rarely in regular use on the roads and tend to be very well-kept in order to maintain their value. However, if your vehicle is used for any commercial purposes (whether for cash or reward) it will still need a valid annual MOT. Do be aware that your car doesn’t automatically lose the necessity for an MOT: you must apply for it with the relevant section of your logbook, your V10 tax request form and your existing MOT certificate. In Northern Ireland – where the MOT is required from when your four years old not three – you must also bring along your insurance certificate too. Also note that you will still have to ‘tax’ your historic vehicle online – but it won’t cost you anything. But the record must be completed so that law enforcement knows your car is legally compliant. Finally, if your historic vehicle has had major modifications done to it in the last thirty years, you may not qualify for the historic exemption.

Early Electric (Goods) Vehicles

If your goods vehicle was registered before March 2015 and is entirely electric, it does not need an MOT certificate.


And finally, most farm equipment is exempt from the MOT, because it is firstly, not often on the UK’s road network, and secondly, can usually not travel fast enough to become an issue to other road users.

Now you know if your car can be MOT exempt or not – and where to go if you do need an MOT performed quickly and efficiently in London!

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