usherOk, so I predicted that Usher would be back with a vengeance in 2010 why back when. It’s even in my interview in Company Magazine. Like I said divorce was good for him. I love OMG, Lil Freak, shoot I love the majority of the tracks on Raymond vs. Raymond. I had to laugh when I read that Usher didn’t think that people would think that the title of his new album was referring to his relationship with his ex Tameka.

I saw this quote on Concrete Loop where he states

“People just assume that Raymond v. Raymond means Usher versus his ex-wife, but it is a personal evaluation. We are our own worst enemy, and we are our greatest supporter at the same time,” he says. “Consider me naive, but I didn’t think that people would think [it was about my relationship], because I was not divorced when I came up with the name.”

Well we all know that Usher has referred to his relationships in the past in his music and I heard Papers from at least September last year so it must have been recorded beforehand and Usher tends to write his music from his personal experience so why would a happily married man be writing a song about getting a divorce.

Regardless of what he thinks I’m more interested in what your thoughts are in the comment box below?



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