Photo of a silver chesterfield bed

If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that will look good for years to come, Chesterfield is the way to go. 

That’s because these beds go great with any setting and look stunning with almost any home decor. No wonder the Chesterfield bed is the rising star in the bed industry!

Still not convinced? Here’s everything you need to know about a Chesterfield bed, why it’s a hot trend and why you should consider it for your bedroom decor. 

Take a look.

The Origin 

The Chesterfield bed originates from the iconic Chesterfield sofa. Moreover, the Chesterfield sofa design has been around for more than 300 years. 

These opulent furniture pieces have been thought to be owned by people with a rich interest in comfort and luxury. Various anecdotes mention that it got its name from the Earl of Chesterfield, who was considered a fashion icon at that time. 

The Design 

The deep-set buttoning of the chesterfield bed is a design element that was incorporated by folks in the Victorian era. They also included a coiled spring to make the back super comfortable. Since then, the Chesterfield design has been updated for practicality and versatility. 

People love this bed type because it’s no longer just for the wealthiest of homes. You can get one Chesterfield bed for your small or large bedroom with a reasonable budget. 

Not only that, but you have limitless choices in this bed category. From fabrics to colours and headboard design, you’d be surprised how fashionable this bed can turn out to be!

How To Choose 

When thinking of getting a bed for your home, start by shedding more light on your concept and vision for your home decor. The difference in silhouettes, styles, and builds of the bed can change the entire vibe of your room. 

Go Traditional 

Bedroom decor trends change with time. But a thoughtfully crafted, traditional Chesterfield bed has stood the test of time. So ask yourself – are you looking to bring some regal and refined energy to your space? If yes, why not go for a classic silhouette?

If you’re looking for a luxurious and stylish look, you can go for a sofa with deep buttoning throughout the upholstery and ornate bordering. Alternatively, if you want something tidier, choose one with delicate fabric piping and metal studding.

These silhouettes ooze luxury and class. 

You can also opt for deep Italian leather in good-old green and brown tones for the colours and fabric. This, coupled with quality craftsmanship, is sure to make your bedroom look iconic.

Go Modern 

Don’t believe anyone who says you can’t combine a Chesterfield bed with a modern, contemporary bedroom. For a chic-looking bedroom, you can go for a velvet texture in a bold colour of your choice, like bottle green or wine red. 

If you are not looking to make a statement and want to create a peaceful vibe in your bedroom, you can also go for pretty pastels. Consider getting a pale blue, peach, or mint fabric to make your bedroom look bright and serene. 

If you want to keep it rustic, you can also go for a Bohemian design scheme for an ultramodern look. 

To achieve this:

  1. Consider neutral and earthy colours for the bed.
  2. Play with different textures and designs to end up with your desired look.
  3. Layer your Chesterfield with some jute accessories, and voila! 

Final Word

Want your neighbours to switch curtains with envy? Consider getting a Chesterfield bed for your bedroom. 

Chesterfield sofa has been around for centuries, and now Chesterfield beds are becoming the talk of the town. 

Now that you know how to choose a Chesterfield bed don’t shy away from exchanging your old bed for a new one!