What can be more beautiful and natural than a desire to have a baby? Pregnancy is a wonderful time period for every expecting mother. It can also cause some disturbance such as body changes, mood swings, uncontrolled appetite and sleeping disorder. But this is just the side effects before the new life enters this world. Giving a birth and having a baby is a blessing but is it always the God’s gift? The new horror movie Devil’s Due: The Official International Trailer will show how the expectation happiness can be turned into a nightmare.

The main characters Zach, played by Zach Gilford and Samantha, played by Allison Miller, are young and hopelessly in love newlyweds. To remember every moment spent together, Zach records each important detail on his camera. While spending some good time on their honeymoon in Dominican Republic, Sam and Zach visit one local underground club, where they get drunk and drugged by locals. While Sam is lying unconscious on the floor, the camera records a demonic ritual being performed by some visitors of the club. The background behind the performers is full of different strange symbols. Next morning Sam and Zach wake up in their hotel room and don’t even imagine what happened last night. When the couple gets back to the United States, Samantha figures out that she is pregnant with her first child. The pregnancy is unexpected but Sam and Zach are happy and very excited about becoming the parents.

The pregnancy is going not so well and Samantha’s behaviour is starting to change but the doctors say it is just a side effect of carrying a baby. But some weird stuff happening to Sam can be hardly explained as the pregnancy troubles. Sam is a strict vegetarian but she suddenly starts to eat raw meat products in the middle of a supermarket. She gets supernaturally strong and creeps people around. The more Zach is filming his wife, the more scared he gets. He decides to watch the whole videos he has been filming since their wedding and try to understand what is wrong with his wife.​
After discovering some mysterious scenes and symbols Zach heads to meet and talk to the priest. The story was heard and the priest says that some dark and evil forces took over his wife’s body and Zach will need a lot of strength and belief to fight against them to save his beloved Sam and unborn child.

This movie will truly be loved by horror fans. The movie makers created one more surprise for their fans. Before the movie airs in worldwide theaters, the creators decided to promote the movie and organized an awesome prank for New York City citizens. The prank is called Devil Baby Attack, it has become very popular among viral videos and millions of people already have enjoyed it. Watch the prank and have some fun, then do not forget to visit cinema and enjoy the new horror story.