There are many steps involved in a digital sale. Many articles tend to focus upon the more obvious stages such as initial client engagement, product presentations and responding to feedback or enquiries.

Unfortunately, these very same sources of information have left out an important (and perhaps the most critical) step. Let’s assume for a moment that a sale has nearly been secured. What would occur if the customer in question begins the checkout process only a realise that a certain form of payment is not accepted or that there are security flaws associated with the hardware? Not only would the sale be lost, but the client is unlikely to ever do business with your firm in the future. This is why the point of sale is absolutely critical in terms of securing a loyal customer as well as ensuring repeat transactions. What are some of the qualities to keep an eye out for?

Customised and Advanced Checkout Options

Online customers are more fickle than ever before, and rightfully so. They possess neither the time nor the inclination to wait for a checkout page to load. They expect all instructions to be very clear from the very beginning. They also tend to enjoy more personalised shopping experiences. This is why advanced point-of-sale systems will often be equipped with other amenities such as:

  • The ability to accept split tender payments.
  • The inclusion of discount codes and similar targeted sales options.
  • An acceptance of all major credit cards and e-wallets.
  • Possible payment options in order to accommodate layaway plans.

The bottom line is altogether simple. Standard POS platforms are no longer sufficient in this day and age. Those who have the ability to cater to the discrete needs of the end user are virtually guaranteeing that future transactions will take place.

The Important Role of Security

Countless online stories have emerged regarding customers who have had their personal details compromised due to substandard payment systems. This is one of the most serious threats in existence and it should not be taken lightly. While there are some POS systems which are offered by web design services such as WordPress, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that many of these are associated with sub-par designs and coding. This is not the case when dealing with more reputable and well-known e-commerce suppliers including Shopify. The latest encryption technology and secure algorithms have been built directly into the software. As a result, your customers can maintain the peace of mind in knowing that their information will always remain behind closed (digital) doors.

The technology behind point-of-sale systems will continue to evolve in order to meet the changing demands of online customers as well as to thwart any potential threats within the virtual world. This is why it is critical to choose a respected and trusted platform so that you can avoid any problems from the beginning. There is simply nothing worse than losing what was thought to be a certain sale.