What Window Dressing Should You Have In Each Room

When it comes to interior design, a lot of people forget to focus on their blinds and curtains, while they seem like a simple thing, they have a lot of impact on the look and feel of a room, so having the wrong type of blinds could ruin the look of a room after you’ve spent ages agonizing over all of the décor details in it.

To help you get your window furnishings in order, we’ve whipped up this handy guide to help you decide what window dressings each room should have, whether it’s a wooden Venetian blind or a made to measure curtain, we’ve got your back.

Living Room

The living room is probably one of the easiest rooms in the house to choose a window dressing for, living rooms are very versatile and easy to plan. Really you’ll just need to find something that is stylish and fits in with the colour scheme of your living room, so here’s what you should go for:

– Roman Blinds: Roman blinds work excellent in a living room, with a classic homely design and a wide range of colours to pick from, you can’t go wrong with this classic blind.

– Curtains: The living room is a perfect room to have curtains in, much like a roman blind, they’re very practical and versatile, as well as easy to install.

– Wooden Venetians: Wooden Venetians are another classic blinds style, made up of multiple horizontal slats of wood, available in various finishes. These would go excellent in a room if you’ve already got some wooden design elements in your living room.


Bathrooms are more complicated than the living room when it comes to picking out window dressings, because the bathroom will often be wet and steamy it’s recommended to avoid wooden and fabric window dressings, otherwise your window dressing may deteriorate. So Curtains, Wooden blinds and Fabric Blinds are out of the question, what blinds can you have in a bathroom?

– PVC Roller Blinds: These are simply normal roller blinds, but made out of PVC rather than fabric. This means the wetness won’t damage them. PVC roller blinds can be found in almost any colour or pattern you desire, so this is an easy choice.

–  Faux Wood Venetians: These faux wood blinds are much like the real wood Venetians we mentioned earlier, but rather than being made from wood, they’re made of plastic slats that look like wood. This makes them perfect for a bathroom setting as they won’t suffer damage from the wetness of a bathroom.


Again, the kitchen is not an easy room to pick blinds or curtains for, you need to consider the fact it’s a messy room and often can get quite wet like a bathroom. So, we’ll exclude fabric blinds and curtains as it’s not worth the risk of having stained or damp blinds. So what can you pick?

– PVC Roller Blinds: Again, these are an awesome shout for a kitchen setting, roller blinds made from PVC will usually be ‘wipe clean’ meaning that if you spill something on them, you can just wipe it off with a cloth, this makes them perfect for messy kitchens!

– Aluminium Venetians: These are much like the other Venetians we’ve mentioned, but they’re made out of metal slats rather than wood or faux wood. This means that you can simply wipe any spillage off them. Unlike the other Venetians, these aluminium blinds are available in a wide range of colours rather than just wood finish