Once You Go Perfect Black, You’ll Never Go Back. See Your Favourite Films Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before with the LG OLED TV, the Next Step in the Evolution of TV Technology.

Watch the funky video below. With a bit of creativity, the LG OLED TV advert will explain it all.

If you know anything about TV’s, you will know that a lot of TV’s struggle to show deep/perfect black as well as colours. Think about it. You know that feeling you get when you watch let’s say a horror movie and the pretty lady or man is running through a really dark forest, and you are watching this all on your screen. Sometimes it’s so dark you cannot see the trees, the leaf’s the background or the atmosphere. Are you getting the picture?

Or take a film like Batman: Dark Knight. The clue is in the title, Dark Knight, there is moments that some TV’s will struggle to showcase the glorious blacks and colours from a movie of this caliber. A lot of TV’s only show a small selection of black, that is until now.

Step in the LG OLED TV. Did you know that experts judge a TV’s ability to portray black as one of the major elements that make up their ratings of TV technology. Along with contrast ratio, black level is one of the two most important factors in picture quality in today’s TV technology market. One technology has been developed that doesn’t just render black well, it does it to perfection.

< Black Colors and Contrast: LCD TV vs. LG OLED TV >
Black Colors and Contrast: LCD TV vs. LG OLED TV

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