Article sponsored by The 7th Chamber: These children are getting nothing for Christmas this year.

If you could change the lives of hundreds of children in just seven days, would you? That’s how long it takes to help build an entire school in South Africa with housing charity Mellon Educate.

The charity organisation has today released two touching videos to shed light on the lives of children in impoverished South African communities. These children won’t be getting Christmas presents this year. In fact, some won’t even have a bed to sleep on.

Nothing for ChristmasThese 4 children are amazing and you know what, you CAN do something to help them. Don’t just think it, do something about it! Join Mellon Educate and build a school in 7 days for impoverished children in South Africa in November 2016. Sign up now at #LeaveYourLegacy

Posted by Mellon Educate on Thursday, 17 December 2015

You could make a difference. Join this amazing journey and sign up for the annual seven-day building blitz.

The next one takes place in November 2016 where, in just 7 days, you will have the chance to transform the lives of 1000s of children who desperately need your help.

Mellon Educate began life in 2002 as a housing charity (The Niall Mellon Township Trust) and in 10 years through the collective effort of over 22,000 volunteers and the South African government built 25,000 houses in the townships of South Africa housing over 125,000 of its most impoverished people.

In 2013 the charity turned its attention to education, in doing so by providing better infrastructure and also implementing better teaching methods within schools.

To date Mellon Educate has built and refurbished 8 schools in Africa and almost 10,000 children are now within the Mellon Educate Results Programme.

The charity works closely with governments and the aim is to provide vastly improved education facilities for 100,000 of Africa’s poorest children over the next number of years.

If you wish to join this amazing journey then sign up for the annual 7 day building blitz, the next one takes place in November 2016 and see how just 7 days of your life will transform the lives of 1000s of children who desperately need your help. Don’t just think about it, DO IT!

Separate Lives, United TogetherIn just 7 days you could build a school in South Africa and change lives forever. Sign up now: #LeaveYourLegacy

Posted by Mellon Educate on Wednesday, 16 December 2015

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