“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” adventure comedy will appear on the screen in December, 2013. It’s kind of a remix of the same named movie by Norman Z. McLeod which appeared in 1947. Both films show us a story of a modest , shy man named Walter Mitty who dreams of a life of a hero capable of the most desperate and extraordinary deeds.

The film is an adaptation of James Thurber’s classic story “The Pursuit of Happyness”. Ben Stiller plays the role of an ordinary photographer who dreams about real adventures and one day his dream comes true.

What it is – to be a superman in real life – he will feel by personal example. A famous American actor, producer, screenwriter and director Ben Stiller had created a modern version of an old movie. He is remembered by most viewers as Greg Focker from “Meet the Parents” (2000), Alex Roth from “Duplex” (2003) or Larry from “Night at the Museum” (2006). He himself will play the main character – Walter Mitty.

A leading female role in the film went to American actress Kristen Wiig. She starred in such movies as “Date Night” (2010), “Bridesmaids” (2011), “Paul” (2011) and others. Filming of “The Secret Life of Walter Mittyy” began in New York in April 2012, and the first snapshots of future comedy have already appeared on the Web. Boring job, boring everyday life, natural modesty – all that crushes in the main character his strength and courage, adventurism, recklessness and craving for travel.
Therefore, high passions and real exciting adventure happen only in his head. However his fantasies are destined to become a reality and the loser Walter Mitty will have to come in full force finally. And it would be not as easy as it always seemed.

Whatever kind of a superhero Walter Mitty is in scenario, it should be remembered that the movie is filmed in the comedy genre, and therefore the main character of Ben Stiller is doomed to repeated failures, even if in the end he meets an absolute triumph.

It is curious that the famous American actor Sean Penn took part in such a film, being rarely seen in a comedy project. However, he got an episodic role, exactly like Shirley MacLaine who plays the role of Walter’s mother. You can watch this fine artists’ tandem immediately after the movie release. According to Ben Stiller, this remix in any case will not be an exact copy of the original film. The subject affected in the film is quite interesting and close to everyone, inspiring people and giving them hope.