There are literally millions of people that now play online blackjack.

Transitioning one of the most popular casino games to the online world was something that everyone wanted and now that it is possible to play the game in so many online casino rooms (an example can be seen right here), we want to learn more about how we can actually beat the odds.

We have many things that we can discuss when referring to finding a perfect blackjack strategy. However, one problem that does appear often is figuring out when you need to stand and when you need to hit. Obviously, in the event that you have a hand value that is of 11 or less, you do not fear busting so you will automatically want to hit. When your hand value stands at 12 or more, decision problems tend to appear.

Getting Busted After A Hand Value Of 12

When you hold a value of 12 and you hit, there is a 32% possibility that you are going to bust. In the event that you stay, your hand value is really low so it is quite difficult to win as the possibility of the leader not reaching a higher score is quite high. On the other hand, if you have a hand value that is of 20, the possibility of busting if you hit is of 92 percent. Based on these calculations, we can say that busting possibility is between 32 and 92 percent. Due to this huge variation, the real question that you want to ask yourself is what is the value when you stop hitting.

Complicated Calculations For Hitting In Online Blackjack

It is not so easy to know exactly when to hit. Everything is basically connected with the face up card that the dealer has and the type of blackjack hand that you hold (soft hand or hard hand). We should also mention that there are variations in online blackjack rules that apply based on what casino you are a member of.

The “Optimum” Online Blackjack Hitting Strategy

Many gamblers believe that the best game is American Blackjack with 8 decks, with the dealer standing at soft 17 and checking for a blackjack hand upfront. When we have a hard hand, the idea is to focus on the following:

  • When value is 12 – you stand if dealers show 4, 5 or 6
  • When value is 13 to 16 – you will stand when the dealer has equal to or lower than 6
  • When value is 17 or over – you always stand

When you have a soft hand, aggressiveness is usually a good idea as when you go over 21, the Ace transforms into a value of 1. You should always ask for a hit when your hand value is 17. Standing is necessary if the value is 19. If you have 18, you will stand when dealers show 8 or lower.

Online blackjack automatically means that you play more hands than in a land based casino. Always stop when you cannot respect your optimum strategy.