What is the charm of a traditional romantic comedy? Where lays its magic, why is it so mesmerizing? It is due to the fact that every movie of this kind carries a story, which we are all dreaming about, secretly or openly. A story of extraordinary love between two ordinary people, a story of fatal misunderstandings, ridiculous situations and revived hope. The Enough Said movie is a vivid representation of our hopes and dreams. Already in the Enough Said trailer we can feel we see something familiar. Something like home.

Why home? Because we are only happy at home, secure and cared about. This is the Enough Said movie essence. Care, love and inimitable tenderness. The Enough Said trailer shows us a story of a woman. She came through a horrible divorce and now is destined to deal with her emotional troubles all by herself. A woman, named Eve, who is more or less pretty ordinary, is almost devastated, pretty miserable and lost. Now she is dealing with the big question, which arises in front of the most women, who survived a divorce: How to move on?Enough Said

Enough Said trailer demonstrates a story about how Eve tries to move forward, making the most desperate attempts on gathering the pieces of her life, acquiring the long lost hope and faith. In the Enough Said movie hope appears from the most unexpected place. On some lame party Eve meets a man named Albert, who looks pretty ordinary, as well, but only on the first sight. A new feeling is born, an attraction, a sparkle. The new acquaintance of Eve turns out to be much more pleasant, than it seemed at first, Albert is smart, funny, great in conversations, and Eve starts to feel something that was long forgotten to her. She feels nice and easy beside him, and she starts to like Albert more and more with every day they spend together.

This engaging romantic quiver lasts until Eve learns out a horrible truth. Eve is a masseuse, and she has a longtime client, close friend, a woman she always looked up to. This woman has been talking to Eve about her ex-husband, talking a lot and far from flattering. So Eve has this terrible image of her friend’s ex, until that very moment when she understands, that this disgusting ex-husband and her sweet, dear Albert is the same person! This is where the awkwardness, misunderstandings and a little of drama begins.

However, there is no romantic comedy without a traditional happy-ending. Enough Said is a classical melodramatic comedy, so the eternal happiness and harmony among the characters is vitally necessary. Despite every obstacle, Eve and Albert end up together, being happier than they could have ever dreamed to be.

The sweet duo of James Gandolfini, who is famous with his role of the main parent in the The Sopranos, and the lesser-known but no less talented and cute Canadian actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus complied a movie, which is perfect for everyone, who still believes in love.




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