Photo of a living room with two floor lamps

Floor lamps are a great way to introduce a decorative accessory that also helps to light a room in a home.

Thanks to the many designs and styles available, there is a great selection of floor lamps available to consumers and trade clients across the market, and at various price points. This makes it easy to find a floor lamp that fits seamlessly into any interior space.

Choosing the right floor lamp for the space

Firstly, when it comes to buying floor lamps for domestic properties, the space required or available is very important. In some cases this space will be limited, so choosing a floor lamp that fits into this space rather than looking obtrusive is important. Tall and slender floor lamps are a popular choice in this instance and blend well into an already well-decorated room. Alternatively, a larger living space can benefit from the placement of a larger-than-life floor lamp that can become the focal point of the room.

Once purchased, the next step to introducing a floor lamp into a home is to find the perfect place to put it. Might sound simple enough, but getting this right can really transform the look and feel of a room. With this handy guide by Searchlight Electric, you’ll never have to ponder this decision again!

Placing floor lamps in living rooms

Living rooms are probably the most common place you will find a floor lamp. Typically the largest room in a house, they are best suited to this room thanks to the floor space provided.

In a living room, there are a number of different places a floor lamp can be put. This all depends on how this lamp is intended to be used. For example, where a living room may have a desk or working space, a floor lamp can provide some practical lighting for those wishing to work into the evening. They are also the perfect addition to a living room for those hoping to create their very own reading nook, providing ample lighting for getting lost in a novel. Alternatively, for purely decorative purposes, a floor lamp can be placed near furniture like a sofa or armchair.

Floor lamps are not only a beautiful decorative feature but are practical too! Particularly for families who may wish to cut down on their energy usage by turning off the bigger ceiling lights and instead choosing to turn on the floor lamp for a warm, cosy atmosphere.

Floor lamps for the bedroom

Floor lamps can also be placed in bedrooms and work well to accentuate smaller areas of a bedroom, such as a reading nook or corner sitting area. However, for practical purposes, many are now choosing to switch out traditional bedside tables and table lamps for bigger, statement-piece floor lamps, helping to illuminate the room without the requirement of two or more smaller lamps. This has become increasingly popular with designers who opt for simplistic, stripped-back, Nordic-style interiors.

Getting the placement of floor lamps just right shouldn’t be too difficult when considering the amount of light required and the type of room this lamp is to be placed. The advice above should certainly be useful to anyone looking to decorate with floor lamps.

Image via Unsplash