Beau, Daniel, Jai, James and Luke are five Aussie teen viral video superstars with a huge fan base already.

What does Janoskians stand for?
Just, Another, Name, Of, Silly, Kids, In, Another, Nation.

Why are they popular?
These 5 teenagers from Melbourne have created a series of short videos ranging from mockumentarys, awkward situations, dares and pranks, video blogs, ‘fan mail’ videos and ‘questions and answer’ videos that are extremely funny and have secured them a huge amount of teenage fans.

How many fans do they have?
They have over 100,500 subscribers on their you-tube channel, with nearly 20 million views worldwide on their account and they have over 1 million hits on both the video’s ‘AWKWARD TRAIN SITUATIONS’.

Check out some of their videos below and tell us your opinion on the Janoskians.