If you haven’t noticed the celebrity baby boom in the last few months then where have you been? Kate Middleton is expecting, Kim Kardashian is expecting, two members of The Saturdays are expecting, Halle Berry and Fergie are also expecting babies and I doubt it’s going to stop there!

Just because these A-Listers are having to swap their bodycon dresses for more suitable maternity wear does this mean that they have lost all sense of style? Kim Kardashian has made some questionable fashion choices of late and looks like she is still trying to dress like she did in her pre-pregnancy days.

Kate Middleton looks positively glowing during her pregnancy and is dressing appropriately and fashionably – did you here about her polka-dot Topshop dress that sold out within hours of her wearing it? Take a look at some celebrity mums-to-be and decide for yourself who is the most fashionable.


Mum-to-be Kim Kardashian and Fergie keep in colourful in print dresses.


Halle Berry and Kate Middleton keep in classy in their choice of dress.


The Saturdays band mates Frankie Salford and Rochelle Wiseman are both pregnant, one going for comfort the other for glamour.



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