Why Bequia is the ideal place to buy a luxury villa

When you imagine a perfect Caribbean islands getaway you see luxurious, idyllic bays and beaches, azure coloured seas, glorious stretches of blue sky, and lush, green forests. Bequia has all this but has something extra, a little bit of magic that you can’t quite put your finger on.

It’s a mix of laid back luxury, carnival vibes, friendly locals, smart homes, and maybe the most surprising aspect of this island is that you can buy property in bitcoin. For the 30+, tech-savvy vacation villa hunters, looking for a property that is well-connected to other hidden gems of the Caribbean, Bequia is their perfect location.

Bequia is the second-largest island in the Grenadines and is only 7 square miles, with a population of approximately 5,300 people, and is a short 30-minute flight from Barbados, St. Lucia or Grenada, or a 5-minute flight from the mainland of St. Vincent.

The island is an excellent place for hiking, yachting, scuba diving, snorkelling & kayaking. But the fun doesn’t stop there. The low key party aspect of the island shines from the Bequia Mount Gay Music Festival that brings together international artists and bands to the Island, to the Bequia Carnival with street parties, bands and parades. There is even a floating bar that you reach by water taxi named ‘Bar One’. 

You may even spot a celebrity here such as Tommy Hilfiger, Mick Jagger, or Johnny Depp (when he was filming Pirates of the Caribbean), however, paparazzi are heavily discouraged in the islands, if not, albeit informally, banned. The people of Bequia are easy-going, friendly, tolerant and are not easily starstruck, so if YOU are the celebrity it will be the perfect place to relax.

The Island of Bequia has zero active covid cases and never went into lockdown. Bequia is relatively safe but if you need medical help there are pharmacies and doctors on the island, as well as a hospital and a medical centre. 

Development company Saint Capital has opened a luxury residential development ‘One Bequia’. One Bequia is a groundbreaking, luxury development tucked away on a private 100-acre estate on the island of Bequia. The first phases of One Bequia are located on an exquisite point overlooking the Caribbean and Atlantic Sea that totals roughly 10 acres.

One Bequia is not about “stuffy” luxury. “The luxury is there for comfort, not appearances,” says Storm Gonsalves, the developer behind One Bequia.

It’s not your average luxury development; these are luxury smart villas. Each home has a designated property manager who looks after the property when the owner is away-and the owners can check in on their home from anywhere in the world, at any time.

The development includes 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and 4/5 bedroom villas. An additional bedroom can be added to the four-bedroom design at an additional cost. Each Villa has its own infinity pool (25′ x10′ for two bedrooms + larger for larger villas). They also have views of Bequia, the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Mustique and Baliceaux/Battowia. 2-Bedroom properties start at $950,000 (£700,000).

The attractive element of being available to buy these properties in Bitcoin, as well as all major currencies is a huge plus for buyers and investors of cryptocurrency.

One of the biggest myths is that a luxury property in the Grenadines cannot be attained without spending at least 8 figures or more. For example, in neighbouring islands such as Mustique, villas can easily fetch prices of $20,000,000 or more. There are in fact several examples across the Caribbean where villas sell for eye-watering prices. On the other hand, One Bequia, only 9 miles distance from Mustique, will be delivering a fully furnished, automated, three-bedroom villa with an infinity pool, views of the Caribbean Sea and an array of community amenities for the cost of a one-bedroom flat in Mayfair ($1,390,000/£1,000,000). 

In the future, the prices will certainly increase but that just emphasizes the point that now is the time to buy. Regardless, It is possible to purchase a cutting edge, modern, luxury residence without spending $5,000,000 or more.