Street wear clothing is pretty easy to come across these days but it takes someone in the know to separate a good one from the cheaper brands. Sik Silk was created in 2012 so has only been around for a relatively short time but it’s already making waves globally. Influenced by American and Japanese culture, the British born company┬áis different for all the right reasons. Their authentic baseball jerseys, vests and headwear with a badass twist are all things that appeal to the youth of today and how they dress to stand out. However, these things aren’t always readily available from other independent urban brands which gives Sik Silk the perfect niche. Street culture, music and sport have heavily influenced their collections and it’s obvious they aren’t afraid to mix things up in the name of fashion. Quality material is the name of the game and it’s very clear that the growing brand is leaps and bounds ahead of its rivals.

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