Winter is coming, and never has there ever been a better time to review your shoedrobe. Rid your closet of your toe revealing pumps and slippers and introduce some chunky, sexy, stretchy boots into the mix.

Boots are practically the best part of Autumn/Winter fashion, so easy to pair with numerous outfits. Can be worn casually to work, college, university or dressed up with a sexy mini skirt or dress to hit the town.

A favourite this season is the sexy, super stretchy thigh high boots. Available to buy in a huge range of colours, and sizes, including plus size and wider feet, thigh high boots are truly a must-buy this winter. While they can upgrade your look, they also offer a range of other benefits, such as comfort, confidence and character!

Boots for the greatest confidence boost

Although you may feel like sticking with your trusty ankle boots or Chelsea boots for the AW22 season, a thigh high boot is sure to provide a huge confidence boost. They certainly create a talking point, their length and sexiness make them the perfect women’s footwear choice for venturing outside your comfort zone and making you feel hotter than ever before. Strutting down the street in a pair of stretchy thigh high boots is sure to make you feel like the main character.

For those that wish to push the style boundaries even further, why not consider adding a platform with thigh high platform boots, for even extra length and height! Plus, choosing a boot in a bright colour provides the ultimate party girl boot, for those who want to really stand out from the crowd!

The comfort of a thigh high boot

In addition to their sexiness and eye-catching features, thigh high boots can also be incredibly comfortable. With the material of the boot stretching all the way up the leg and past the knee, they fit like a glove, offering a boot you can walk in for miles. Plus, if you opt for some extra height and style with a pair of platform boots, your feet will benefit from a heeled boot that doesn’t tire your soles.

Versatile style

Since thigh high boots come in an array of designs and colours, they are a great choice of footwear for versatility. Moulded to the shape of your legs, they can support you from day to night. So whether you’re heading to the shops, a rave, the club, or a special occasion, stretchy thigh high boots are a go-to footwear choice for any occasion.

Plus, the popular shiny material that you will find on many of these boots is ideal for any situation, no matter how messy.

If this hasn’t inspired you to grab your own pair of stretchy thigh-high boots this AW22, we don’t know what will.