The 21 11 14 will be Quality Control Live’s last show before the end of the year and we are going to bring our growing legion of Quality Control Live followers the chance to perform at our last live event of the year-this is aimed at ALL you musicians or bands who think you have what it takes.

That alone is probably enough but we are approaching Christmas so in addition to the chance to perform live we are giving away a prize worth £3000 which includes;

-The live performance
-A filmed video for your performance which you can use as a video for a single
-A filmed interview with you
-A press release for your next single (if applicable)
-A bio for your band (if applicable)
-Professional audio mix of your performance which will be given to you.
-Guaranteed written up interview onto two sites with a combined readership of over 200,000

For your chance to enter simply follow @QualityLocated and re-tweet this message-

‘I want to Qualify for the £3000 Quality Control Music Package’

And of course send your music to

Please make sure that you can perform LIVE on the 21 11 14 before entering the competition. Also please note that continued following of @QualityLocated is needed to be eligible for the competition.

Winners of the competition will be announced on the 14th of November

P.S don’t forget Quality Control Live is on this FRIDAY so get your tickets NOW for 5 Pounds and oh look out Quality Control Live ‘s first episode will be shown on the 18th November on Sky-we are a televised show you KNOW!?