UndaSound presents The Hoods Got Talent, an eye opening documentary about emerging talent in the UK.

Directed by Kwame Aboagye Brobbey and hosted by UndaSound’s Emmanuel Francis, The Hoods Got Talent has a selection of rising talent and unveils the best routes to be successful in the Urban Music Scene in Britain.

The two hour long documentary also features industry expertise from BBC 1xtra’s Ace N Vis, DJ Target, Channel AKA Manager Cat Park, SBTV Founder Jamal Edwards and iconic Kiss FM Founder Gordon “the Godfather of dance music” Mac. The documentary will not only be a platform for new talent but also used as a ‘How to Guide’ for anyone wanting to get in to the music business.

The Hoods Got Talent was filmed over the space of two months, and shot across London this summer. The DVD was released in August.

UndaSound’s Emmanuel Francis says: ‘The main aim of the documentary was to ask questions that everyone who wants to succeed in music wants to know. What will get me noticed? What do I need to do to get my music played on the radio? UndaSound wanted to create a platform for new talent, to help people promote themselves. The main conclusion shows that the road to musical success is not easy, and perseverance is the key to success.’

What do you think?

‘I think the documentary is a great idea, and I think it will inspire a lot of people.’ Mica, 17 from Stratford

‘The Hoods Got Talent sounds really interesting; I’m definitely going to get my hands on it.’ Lacey, 19 from Islington

‘Young aspiring artist need this kind of thing. The UK urban music scene is really going places right now and I think the DVD will help other people get into it.’ Joshua, 23 from Leytonstone

Watch the trailer here

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