davinche1The man behind ‘Riding For Love/Rider’ is giving a lucky winner the chance to spend a whole day in the studio with him at the controls.DaVinChe is in the hope of finding someone that can do better than all the biggest featured MC’s on Rider, and Clea’s vocals on Riding For Love.

All you have to do is upload the instrumental of his single ‘Riding For Love/Rider’, add your stuff and email the track back to

All materials to be sent by 6pm on 12 June and the winner will be notified on 15 June.

The winner will get a full day in the studio (10 hours), but is expected to make their own way there and back, as well as any accommodation. The decision is final and there will be no alternative prizes.

Download the instrumental at:

Words by Nadifa Sheikhey

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