With all the negative effects of smoking on your health – and of those around you – not to mention the considerable rising costs of cigarettes and tobacco, it is no surprise that a vaping revolution is afoot.

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Once the preserve of petrol stations, bargain stores and pop-up shops, the humble e-cigarette has moved on from little more than a curiosity piece to an acceptable alternative to traditional smoking, with over 2 million vapers in the UK alone.

This is, in part, because vaping is seen as an excellent way for smokers to quit tobacco.

A dramatic reduction in the amount of toxins in the smoke is coupled with lower levels of nicotine. Many vaporizers actually allow you to control the amount of nicotine being inhaled. This is a great tool to enable users to wean themselves off nicotine at their own pace, reducing all the way down to 0mg.

This can be of greater help than other methods of quitting smoking such as nicotine gum and patches as one of the things that smokers find hardest is missing the feeling of a cigarette in their hand or mouth.

Vaping accessories are also becoming fashion statements in their own right, with many enthusiasts tweaking, or “modding” vaporizers to their own specification. A plethora of intricate designs and materials can be used to make a style statement that could rival that of any watch.

A dizzying array of e-liquid blends is now available with flavours to suit everyone’s taste, with great care taken by the best blenders over which ingredients are used. For the best – and safest – way to enjoy vaping, be sure to check that the e-liquids you purchase are fully tested, properly laboratory prepared and that the ingredients are listed in full.

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