Meet Kenneth. He thinks he’s got the moves. He thinks he’s got swagger. He thinks he can spit bars. But in reality, he’s a wasteman!

With the bailiffs banging on the door, parents screaming in his ear, and finding no luck with the ladies, he needs to fix up, and fast.

When our boy starts selling weed to get himself out of trouble, local badman Tyrone is vex, opening up a world of hurt for Kenneth and his misfit crew. But he ain’t gonna go down without a fight. It’s time for him to get rich, or cry trying!

From the mind of Adam Deacon comes the UK’s first hilarious urban comedy, with a big cast including Femi Oyeniran, Jaime Winstone, Ollie Barbieri, Richard Blackwood & Ashley Walters, and featuring hot tunes from Tinie Tempah, Boy Better Know, Wiley and Dizzee Rascal.

This ain’t just any hood, it’s ANUVAHOOD!

And you can win a seat at Flavour’s official screening of the film. Simply answer the following question. Which film was Adam Deacon in:

A) Saw
B) Shank
C Shawshank Redemption

Send your answers along with your full name and telephone number to [email protected]. The screening will take place on March 9 at a West London location.

You can also check dis place for big tings




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