alesha-itocFlavour are giving away this colourful trending watch to one lucky reader in this competition. Fashionistas and celebrities are quick to declare the unique range of watches from  i-toc as the latest “must-have” to personally complete their latest look.

The i-toc wristwatch continues from strength to strength targeted to a unisex 15-30 target market by the Manchester (UK) based designer Sean Zoega through his website,

The i-toc watch is simple, stylish and surprisingly intuitive to read. Consisting of two radially graduated rings. The outer gradient displays the minutes and the inner gradient shows the hours. The gradient rings interact to create an ever changing pattern.

The watch mechanism is housed asymmetrically within a designed solid piece of sleek and anodised aluminium and is available in six colours.

The i-toc watch adds two further elements beyond that of the unique clockface namely asymmetry and colour. The clockface is located off-centre in a rectangular case. The watch is available in six vibrant colours. This is a watch for people that want to express their individual personality, for people who don’t want to be part of the norm.

Available in metallic Red, Orange, Blue, Purple, Black and Silver with matching colour clockface, the i-toc is a fashion statement that matches the wearers mood or dress.

To win this fantastic watch answer this simple question:

What is the name of the UK based designer?

A: Sean Zoega

B: Sean Penn

C: Sean Kingston

Email your answer along with your name and mobile number to [email protected]


The i-toc is a reflection and a statement of the people who wear it, it lets the world know that they are cool, stylish, unusual and funky.

Although the i-toc is a radical departure from the ‘normal’ analogue watch it is still a functional and simple timepiece. It still utilizes the ‘big hand, little hand’ concept invented by Patek Phillipe which has been with us for over a hundred years.

“People choose their most personal products to reflect their character, to make a statement about who they are and what matters to them. The i-toc’s totally new concept in time keeping  and unusual contemporary styling is a celebration of being ‘that little bit different’.

All too often technology does not embrace the complexities of human emotion.  Love it or hate it, I want people to respond to the i-toc on an emotional level.” Says Sean Zoega.

Photography by Sonia Hunt