From the best skincare products to tips on shaving—here’s, a quick and handy guide to hitting the right notes for your most personal grooming needs. In fact, this is a list of stuff you may actually need to consider grabbing the next time you’re out shopping.

BullDog Original Shave Gel: They say cleanliness is next to godliness, and that is why this gel is capable of producing an unbelievably smooth shave. The luxurious penetrating gel is redolent of aloe vera, jojoba and konjac mannan to soften your beard and open your pores for a more comfortable shave. £3.99.

Original Face Wash: Unlike other face washes, this one leaves you with a squeaky-clean feeling, and no stripping or drying of the face. It gently lifts dead skin and moisturise. £5.19.


Original Sensitive Face Wash: This is formulated for sensitive skin with green tea, Cedarwood and Pogostemon cablin leaf oil to gently cleanse your face of dirt and fragments. The product is rich and thick to the touch, producing a refreshing rinse that is free of artificial colours and synthetic fragrances. £4.49. For eight years, Bulldog has been creating award-winning products, and these are a testament to their success —

Lavera Men Sensitive Moisturising Cream: A lightweight moisturiser good enough to quickly absorb into the face. This creamy lotion consists of organic ginko and bamboo which slowly but surely improve spots while tightening pores and smoothing roughness. £9.95

Lavera 2-in-1 Shower Shampoo: Ever wanted to bath and shampoo all at once? Well, this pump 2-in-1 creation rinses skin and hair leaving it soft and smooth to a natural, slightly shiny finish. It thickens hair follicles and helps to retain moisture and glow. £6.45 —

2Bioderma Sebium Purifying and Foaming Cleansing Gel: This foaming gel is popular with those who have oily skin, a symptom that correlates with hormones, humidity and heat. Sebium glides on and then dissipates, leaving ultra-softness. Massage a small amount over facial areas each morning and evening then rinse. £9 —

Clayspray Mattifying Red Clay Masque: The clay takes some getting used to, but after a few days, you’ll be hooked. The formula contains red clay mixed with spring water to balance the skins sebum radiance. Extremely reviving. £44.50 —

Close Shave Cream: Deborah Mitchell’s easy-to-use close-shaving treatment uses vitamins A & E shea butter and anti-inflammatory to clean, moisturises, and keeps you in a cool state of mind. £

GlamGlow Super-Mud Cleaning Treatment: As we age, our skin gets considerably receptive, but you can polish those dead cells, razor bumps, spots, pimples and in-grown hairs away to reveal the youthful shine underneath with GlamGlow super-mud. £45—

VitaBella Repair and Protect Gel: Fast-absorbing on irritated skin, the natural aloe vera in this product will satisfy any compulsive urge to scratch. It is great as an after-shave moisturiser, as it provides a cooling sensation that will give you welcome relief. £20—

3Waleda After Shave Balm: This is the ultimate after-shave balm because it has the  soothing properties of seed oil and doesn’t compete with your fragrance. £13.95—

James Bronnley – Eau de Toilette: Expect to receive compliments when you wear this cologne; the rich blend of bergamot, Italian lemon and neroli has a true masculine warmth. Perfect for you guys with serious swagger. £15.75—

James Bronnley –  Body Wash: the refreshing skin-soothing aromatic gel enriched with Samphire, Sea Kelp and Provitamin B5 will leave the skin smooth and supple. Ultimately, it feels like a lavish indulgence. £8.25—

Rhino Skin Armour: These Anti-Redness Facial Moisturiser, Pore Reducing Facial Scrub, Ingrow Ease Aftershave Balm and anti-Bacterial Facial Wash are the first rugby male grooming products, and unlike other enhancers, these leave you with a squeaky-clean feeling. Shame you can’t brush your teeth with them, too. Available from Tesco stores. Prices range from £4.99 – £6.99


Wingman 3-in-1 range: Now that the soaring hot weather is no longer sucking your skin dry, replace those sun creams with Wingman’s 3-in-1-shampoo, shower and shaving gel. The multi-functional range carries an explosion of fragrance, dripping with a heavily perfumed aloe vera edge, which are available from Tesco stores for £

Ruby Red Reviving Body Cleanser: Need instant relief from dryness? Ruby Red is the answer. Experience the refreshing and invigorating powers of aloe vera leaf extracts in natural polysaccharides, reviving the appearance and health of your skin. £

Carol Joy Shampoo IV Him: If you’re looking for that perfect shampoo that eliminates dandruff and shines, Carol Joy’s hair treatment is your answer, especially if you like just a touch of control and want the scalp refreshed and your hair stronger. The soap glides in and leaves your curls, energised, and free of irritation. It’s strong, golden millet paraben-free and allergen-free scent will help restore its natural moisture. £22.00.

Carol Joy Tonic IV Him: If you have short hair, this will add texture and hold. It will also leave your hair with a shine and an incredibly smooth crunch. Specially developed for men’s scalps, this full-spectrum treatment is like a cream that gives you some texture and movement but doesn’t leave your hair feeling stiff or weighed down. It’s light, quite fast absorbing, and can be used every day to ensure long-lasting hair growth. £26.00—