winter styling secrets

Now that the winter months are upon us, it’s time to start thinking about ways to style and protect our hair because a change in climate can cause some damages.

The cold weather will also be a problem for those of you who wear hair extensions. To minimise the chance of damage to your hair, here are our top tips that will help you to maintain beautiful and healthy hair all year round.

Embrace a hat

A very simple tip is to wear a hat when outdoors, as it will keep your hair protected from direct sun, wind, rain and even potentially snow. Now, we all know that nobody wants hat hair but, there is a great way for you to avoid this. Wrap your hair up in a silk scarf before putting it in your hat. It will help protect your hair from the damage that could be caused by the hat when it rubs against your hair – it should also stop any static from occurring.

Washing your hair in winter – tips

Never compromise on your shampoo or conditioner during the winter months. The money saving idea might sound great but it’s not good for your hair. Poor quality shampoo and conditioners will damage your natural hair rapidly. It’s recommended, therefore, that you wash your hair with good quality shampoo.

  1. The dryness of your hair, depends whether or not you should condition it everyday. If your hair isn’t that dry, you are advised to not use conditioner on a daily basis but always use cold water for rinsing as this helps lock moisture into your hair.
  2. Treat your hair once a week to a deep condition during the winter months because it will help restore the moisture that tends to dry out in winter air. You can also try using hair oil after shampooing. This can be done on wet hair or smoothed onto dry hair.
  3. As well, only wash your hair two to three times a week as this will prevent it from drying out too much. Always make sure you dry your hair before leaving the house too because when the moisture in your hair comes into contact with cold air it can damage it further, as it dries your hair out and makes it brittle.

Book in for regular hair cuts

Having your hair regularly cut is great way to keep it in good health in the winter. We recommend that you have the ends cut every six to eight weeks to reduce split ends. 

Have a little help from extensions

Winter usually means lots of partying and fun, which can take its toll on your hair. One great styling secret is to use hair extensions to add volume and length to your natural hair. A brand such as American Dream Hair Extensions supplies a range of clip in styles, that are easy to add to your look and take out at the end of the night. They do less damage, which means you can continue caring for your hair during the winter months without worry.

Read the label

Avoid using products that have silicone, sulphate and alcohol in. Use conditioning masks and avoid applying as much heat during as you possibly can. Your hair is constantly exposed to the changes in weather so it only makes sense for you to pay attention to keep it healthy.