Ever since that curious creature Lady Gaga burst into the media, fashion has never been the same. Gone are the days when women strove to look sexy, soft and pretty. Since Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce and others followed in Gaga’s footsteps; we all want to look original, colourful and cool.

This concept is still going strong in 2011 and looks likely to flow into 2012. This is a rare and special era where women can put a finger up to traditional femininity and wear whatever they fancy; so embrace it. Check out 5 of the hottest looks to love and wear this winter.

Like a Boy

Braces (just to clarify – the ones that go over shirts, not your teeth) ties, bow ties, shirts, blazers… Rock boyish garments to be ahead in the fashion game this winter. If you don’t feel girlie enough, mix up a long boy shirt and tie with some sexy leggings and heels.

Bowl Away

From the catwalk to Kate Moss and Keira Knightley, Bowler hats have seeped into mainstream fashion just in time for the cold season. Yes, you have to brave to rock one; but you’ll be warm… and you’ll look hot. Go for it.

Cape Town

The influence of ‘True Blood’ and ‘Twilight’ have immersed themselves onto the fashion scene, slowly but surely. The ‘dark look’ is highly favoured this winter, with Dracula style capes due to stay in fashion until 2012. Team with red lips and a 1920’s finger wave hairstyle.


Forget your plastic watches this winter and get yourself a choker. I have a beautiful one that is reminiscent of Cleopatra’s one; you can get elaborate ones or simple ones to accompany any outfit this winter so you can shine as brightly as the snow flakes. Aww.

Maroon – Anything

Maroon chinos, skinny jeans, shirts, leggings… just get yourself something maroon (or ‘boozy’ as it is also called) and I swear you cannot go wrong. SNM.