The online boom has not only enabled information and digital fidelity, but it also has opened up a myriad of avenues for fun and entertainment.

For say, the casino and gambling games, which were significantly male-dominated, some decades ago, have become favourites among ladies nowadays, especially young, independent, and extrovert girls.

If you talk about the preference of the games, these are slot machines that attract women the most. However, Internet and high-speed gaming machines have made other popular games, such as Live Poker, Slots, Craps and Roulette as favourite pass time activities for women. For many girls, blackjack online is fun and exciting and they can stay glued to their laptop or palmtop, or even their smart devices for hours, playing blackjack online games.

So, what is a fundamental differentiator between men and women gambling; why are girls dominating the mortar and brick tables so fast? You will be amazed to see, the industry authority, such as CEM announcing and Great Women of Gaming award to recognise their outstanding drive, professionalism, commitment, mentorship and contribution towards the cause. Let us have a look at some fast fact on the trend of women gambling and find out why there is a surge in women gambling in the past few years.

Women are very subjective about gambling. It is not only the games they like but the whole environment prevalent in the place. They are always in the lookout for a perfectly matching associate, whether it is the fashion, glamour, or a companion in the casino.

There is an indirect linking why women like mortar and brick games most. Their main motto in visiting the place is to have more and more fun and enjoyment. In an ambience of sophistication, extravaganza and abundance, they hardly would prefer to invest their time, money and mind understanding tricky game plans. The women not only like to pass some good time, but they love to spend it in the most effective way as if they are on a vacation.

The table and card games are more enjoyed by women compared to their male counterparts as for them it is an activity for financially and personally independent women. This is a fact, which surprises both the genders. While most men would consider the profit and winning aspect of the game, these are the least bothered affairs for women. For them, the time spent and the enjoyment and fun experienced in the casino matters the most. That is why most women, who are fashionable, like to stay updated, trendy, and those who are friendly and frank in nature are regular visitors of casinos.

However, if you analyse closely, there are three prime reasons why women are fond of gambling. Firstly, casino and gambling give them a good means of escape. To explain, here escape relates to the wonderful and care-free time they spend playing their game. The second important aspect is fun and enjoyment. The last reason why women love playing brick and mortar games is that out of surprise they find becoming wealthy by winning in the casino occasionally.