festival guide to packing

Depending on who you are, packing for a long weekend away can be a highly stressful experience but packing for a festival where you need to include all necessities for the unpredictable English weather means you need to step up your packing game.

The avid festival goers amongst us may have the packing process nailed but for festival newbies a little more help is required.

With research suggesting that men are most likely to forget essentials such as underwear and toiletries with women typically forget items such as sunglasses, this handy infographic from Ready Steady Store provides this summer’s ultimate festival packing guide. Let’s be honest, the last thing you want to do is turn up to a festival forgetting your tickets or with more stuff than you can actually fit in your tent.

The infographic provides advice on the best ways to pack your rucksack, how to effectively utilise the space in the car and top tips on how to efficiently organise your tent.

Interesting statistics include:

  • Women pack an average of 15 toiletries for a weekend away at a festival and tend to pack 7 days before the event
  • Men wear 98% of what they pack to go away with women only wearing 62%
  • 90% of men pack last minute and forget something vital.

The Ultimate Festival Packing Guide
Provided by Ready Steady Store