LISA MAFFIA, MODELS JUSTINE & VALERIAAfter a chance meeting two years ago, aspiring model & actress, Becky Dubar and photographer Karina Lidia, created Wonderland Studios. Creative Director, Becky is in charge of bookings and co-ordinating the shoots and Karina is behind the lens. Having worked with some of the UK’s biggest names, including Taio Cruz and grime artist Sincere, their plans for world domination are not far off. Not content with contributing to segments within the industry, Wonderland Studios offer the whole package – a safe-haven for videos, auditions, filming and, of course, photo-shoots. A place where one can truly get lost in their imagination.

The pair’s creative range of photography styles is diverse, varying from promo shots and provocative high-end fashion images to children’s photography. Flavour sat down with both Becky and Karina at Wonderland Studios to get an insight into fashion, photography as well as everything else in between.

The photography done by you guys vary, as you don’t just focus on one area, why is that?
Becky: We don’t just want to focus on one aspect or area, like just fashion, or purely urban. We feel like we can do everything; so why limit yourself to just one area? If we did that, we’d lose out on so much. This way we are learning more, meeting more people and expanding. We want to be the best photography company in London and this is the best way to do it.

Describe a typical day at the office, on the day of a photoshoot.
Becky: It all tends to vary depending on the project. For example, artists tend to be more demanding (but this is good, as it’s more of a challenge). Other aspects of the shoot need to be arranged and ready before the artist arrives, including hair, make-up and stylists. We’d also ask the artists to provided a few ideas.

Karina&BeckyWhich shoot has been your most creative yet?
Becky: Oh! The shoot we did in the London Motor Museum, because the idea was so original; mixing urban artists and high-fashion photography. The contrast made the image that much more interesting. By the end of it, Karina and I gave each other a hi-five because we were so pleased with the images.

Where do you get the inspiration from for your photoshoots?
Becky: Again it goes back to the project and the client. You need to be able to do the research, and come back with an idea that isn’t too far from their existing image that’ll be interesting enough for others to be impressed. Brainstorms help with new ideas.

Whose style do you admire or inspires you?
Becky: Lots of people. I find a lot of inspiration from the internet, but magazines are good too. You need to be able to draw a line and not let something else overshadow your own ideas and creativity.

You obviously work with a lot of stylish people and a lot of brands. Has that influenced your style at all?
Karina: Um, not really. I’m not really into brands (when I’m working) I just want to be comfortable. To be able to look cool and still be comfortable enough to get the shot I want. But when I’m going out (laughs) I love dressing up. That’s when the sexy part of me comes out. I like really short, really tight clothes with really high heels, but no make-up.

Honestly? No make-up?! Really? Why?
Karina: I don’t have time for make-up, or my hair. I’m beautiful! (laughs)

Do you have an all-time favourite designer?
Karina: I do, but I would never wear her clothes. Vivienne Westwood. I love her because she has amazing style, but I can’t see me in her clothes. Her campaigns are also really amazing. I could maybe wear her stuff and get away with it in LA, but not here in London though.

Which designer’s ad campaign do you wish you had shot?
Karina: Tom Ford. The perfume on the naked body. I love it.


When did you get into photography?
Karina: At the age of 22, when I realised I actually really liked it and everything it involved: the expressions, location, and the people. But to be honest, I was never into photography when I was a lot younger.

Is there anyone you would love to work with or to photograph?
Karina: Kate Moss. She has this very provocative look and attitude that I love, and she seems to be very easy to work with. She’s also very stylish – so that really helps a lot!

Why do you think you enjoy photography?
Karina: I guess it’s the idea of capturing moments in life. So it’s not always about being beautiful and posing; I like working with very different kinds of people so you can capture some of their attitude. A lot of a person can be captured in just an image. Its one moment in life you’ll never be able to come back to.

What’s your favourite genre to work on? Why?
Karina: Fashion. I think, because it tends to be more sexy and a lot more provocative. Music is also good, because artists have so much energy and are very artistic in their movements. They’re almost like actors, because they’re doing things they probably wouldn’t normally do, and this is what I really want to capture. A lot of the times, because you only see them in videos, its almost like you can see a different side to the artist. You can take pictures of them in make-up and think ‘that’s them’.

What would you like to achieve in the future?
Karina: A coffee table book. That’s what we’re working towards. Lots of books for the different types of photography we do.

Where do you see Wonderland Studios heading in the future?
Karina: A bigger studio! We’s like to develop our name over in New York.

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Nu Jerzey Devil, Photographer – Karina Lidia, Creative Director – Becky Dubar, Location – Down Town Miami

Salomon Kalou, Photographer – Karina Lidia, Creative Director – Becky Dubar, Makeup – Lorraine Richardson, Stylist – Denise Brown, Clothing Credits – jeans by G Star and hoody by Feraud, Location – Studio

Lisa Maffia, Models – Justine, Valeria, Photographer – Karina Lidia, Creative Director – Becky Dubar, Makeup – Nicola Hamilton, Stylist – Jessica Duffin
Clothing Credits – Model to the left (Justine) – Blazer, Stylist’s own, Bra and knicker set from Primark, Shoes by New Look, Chain from Urban Outfitters
Lisa Maffia – Lace vest by TopShop, Knickers by Marks and Spencers, Stockings by La Senza, Shoes by Faith, Ring from Claire’s Accessories
Model to the right (Valeria) – Body by TopShop, Tights by Primark, Shoes by H&M, Bangle by Accessorize, Location – Hotel Pimlico

Sincere Photographer – Karina Lidia, Creative Director – Becky Dubar, Stylist – Jessica Duffin
Clothing Credits – Suit by Zara, Shirt by TopShop, Accessories Sincere’s own, Location – London Motor Museum

Tony Williams Photographer – Karina Lidia, Location – Brick Lane