Often, when faced with a big life-changing decision, we feel worried that we’ll make the wrong choice – we’ll think everything through a hundred times, consider all the possible consequences of our choice and still end up making the wrong one.

We often focus too much on thinking through the logic of a decision; drawing up a list of pros and cons. But whether you’re thinking of ending a relationship, changing job or moving house, logic isn’t always enough. It’s at times like these that you need to drill down and really discover what the inner you wants; because that will ultimately will lead you to make the right decision. So how do you get in touch with that inner you, your essential core? Try these tips and see if your decision-making becomes any easier.

Find a Sense of Calm

The worst state to make a decision in is when you feel panicked. Big decisions are worrying, but if you can find a way to approach them calmly, they’ll be a lot easier to handle. Everyone has their own methods for this. Perhaps yours is a walk in the woods, taking a relaxing bath, or listening to some music with the lights down low.


Meditation is another specific way to bring that sense of calm, but if you’re not used to the idea, it can take some practice. As you develop the skill of meditation, you’ll be rewarded by the ability to think more clearly. This is because meditation will help unravel tangles of different thoughts and allow the mind to create the space for your gut instinct to be heard.

Ask For Help

Sometimes, it’s not possible to achieve that sense of clarity and connection with your inner spirit alone. That’s when it’s a good idea to seek help in doing so. For instance, if you have a clairvoyant reading, you can ask different questions to see what insights the reader will give you. As a clairvoyant focuses on the person they are reading for, images appear in their mind. They can then interpret the meaning of those images and share it with their client. Getting this type of third-party perspective on your particular situation can open your eyes to looking at it afresh, and perhaps show you there’s another way to view the set of circumstances you face.

Of course, you can also seek advice from friends and family, but remember that they may not be able to give you totally unbiased or objective advice as they have a personal connection to you.

Tune Into Signs

Have you ever thought about someone’s name and then seen them later that day by coincidence? Signs come to us in many different ways, through songs we hear on the radio to dreams that we wake up from. Learn to take note of any signs that are relevant to the choice you’re making – it could be your subconscious trying to get your attention.

Own your Decision

Trust yourself

Ultimately, however you come to a decision – whether it’s through logic, seeking advice from others or listening to your inner voice or gut instinct – you have to take ownership for your choice. Nine times out of ten, you’ll make the right decision. And even if turns out to be the wrong one, you’ll still learn from the experience.