Exciting. Moving. Jaw-Dropping.  Those are just three of the words which I could use to describe Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson production which rolled into Birmingham on Tuesday night for the first of it’s 3 UK dates.  The show is described by it’s creators as ‘a riveting fusion of visuals  dance, music and fantasy that immerses audiences in Michael’s creative world,’ and that is under-selling it!
The show combines a colourful mix of dance and acrobatics to tell Michael’s story whilst allowing the audience a look into the mystical, magical and at times abstruse mind of the enigmatic musician.  From scene to scene the performers seamlessly transport the audience on a journey through a multitude of magical and enchanting scenes supported by the seemingly infinite catalogue of MJ’s hits.
A personal highlight was a dazzling acrobat show where the performers were covered from head to toe in changing LED’s which looked incredible with a near pitch black back-drop!
At first I was slightly sceptical at anybodies ability to capture and embody everything such an inspirational performer represents, especially in a 120 minute production but Cirque Du Soleil achieve just that, it was simply stunning.  As the performance came to a close, a dancer was slowly lowered into the black abyss below the stage whilst he held Michael’s trademark glistening glove in air as the audience rose to give a standing ovation.  I left the arena with goosebumps knowing that was the closest I would ever get to experiencing our greatest ever entertainers live performance.
Those who missed the show in Birmingham still have two more chances to see the show when it arrives in Manchester this Friday and Saturday. Tickets can be brought from