Do you have a friend or family member gearing up to go to university or college later this year? Is your son or daughter already studying but struggling with student debt?The rising costs of going to university, combined with the current economic climate, means that the Bank of Mum and Dad is facing more demands than ever for help with tuition fees, student rent and living expenses.

What many parents, and students, don’t realise is that they could be eligible for thousands of pounds worth of grants, scholarships and from the Government and educational charities, as well as the universities themselves.

Student Cash Point is a free, comprehensive directory of student funding which can help you find out about over 3,000 student funding opportunities to help your kids with the costs of going to university. And for those who haven’t decided where they want to go yet, you can compare the amount of funding you might be eligible for at different universities – helping you make an informed choice about where to study.

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