This is the opening line to the new Oatly advert. Its like milk, made for humans. Wow, wow, No Cow.

When you first watch the video you may laugh, cringe or even cry when you see the CEO of Oatly, Toni Petersson sitting in a field, playing his piano and singing Its like milk, made for humans. Wow, wow, No Cow.

Simply yet effective and catching too. The new Oatly advert demonstrates how you can make a really good advert that could easily go viral, but enough with the advert let’s look at the errr, milk that’s not milk.

Oatly makes oat drinks and only drinks. They don’t know anything about almonds or soy or rice or low-fat cows. All they know is oats. How to grow them, harvest them, choose them and turn them into liquid goodness.

It was our original idea in the early 1990s to find an alternative to milk that was more in tune with the needs of the human body and the planet, and it is our idea to continue to make the best, most amazing liquid oats that you will find anywhere.


5 things you might want to know about the man behind Wow No Cow

1. Toni is the human version of our packaging
The whole idea with Toni TV is to bring the sides of our packaging to life. Everything you want to know about Oatly is written on our packages, but if you don’t know what Oatly is you are never going to find our packages, pick them up, turn them around and read them.

So we thought Toni could be like a human version of our packaging and that if people got the chance to meet Toni they would see this dynamic, visionary, off beat, demanding CEO and then they would know exactly what our products are. We are a small company with huge ambitions, no one is better to tell that story than Toni.

2. Is that really Toni? In field? Playing live?
Yes. Yes. Yes. This video is part of series of films that we were making with Toni about Oatly and our products, what we believe it, why we do what we do etc. We filmed this in the middle of August just before harvest between Halmstad and Göteborg in western Sweden. We ran 300 meters of extension cords out into the field so that Toni could play a vintage 1980s synthesizer. He is singing and playing live. And yes, he wrote the song all by himself. And yes, that is double stick tape holding the glass of oat drink on to the synth.

3. Is Toni an actor?
No. He is not an actor. He is the CEO for Oatly and when he wants to get away from the pressure of running a company, he escapes to his basement studio and writes songs without sharing them with anyone. Since we know Toni pretty well, we got him to share that other side of himself that’s been waiting years to be set

4. Tell me something about Toni I didn’t know
He cares more about making the world a better place than pursuing profits. He believes that people don’t need brands, they need something more real. He is not afraid to sing solo in an oat field. He is not vegan, yet.

5. What’s Toni’s favorite episode of Toni TV
Jansson’s Festival, you’ll see.

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