What makes a good headline?
  • 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy.
  • But only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.
  • writer should spend at least a quarter of the entire time (if not half) its take to write a piece of persuasive content on the headline.
Short and Sweet
  • The maximum character count is 65 before it gets cut off in search results
  • The perfect length for a headline is 6 words
  • (people scan headlines and take in only the 1st and last 3 words)
  • (less to read so higher chance of retaining attention)
  • Example: IS PLANNING MEALS GOOD OR BAD? is more effective as it speaks directly to the reader like a personal conversation.
Use interesting adjectives and keywords, examples:
  • unique
  • essential
  • effortless
  • revealed
  • strange
The use of negative keywords
  • Negatives tap into our insecurities
  • The use of “NO”, “WITHOUT”, “STOP” lead to many more shares.
  • Example: Before your next exercise session STOP and read these tips! It could save you from injury.
The use of numbers
  • People want to increase efficiency, seeing a numbered list (easy steps) fulfils this need.
  • The bigger the number in a post the further it spreads.
  • Use digits rather than words
  • Example: 100 things to do in Ibiza
  • You can also expand of this to increase the readers curiosity, however if you do this too much it loses its effectiveness
  • Example: 20 ways to stop your boyfriend from cheating. Number 9 is must!
In summary here is the formula for creating a perfect headline.
Number or trigger word + Adjective +Keyword + promise
Examples before and after

Before formula
How to get laid on a 1st date
After Formula

16 Unbelievable ways to get laid on a first date without spending a penny.

Before formula
How to sell your used clothes online
After Formula
How to effortlessly sell your used clothes online within 24hours.

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