Flavourmag speaks to WWE Superstar Antonio Cesaro ahead of the wrestling promotions huge UK tour.

The life of a WWE superstar is not easy. These guys and girls compete up to 300 times a year, zig-zagging the globe, ping-ponging between arenas and hotels, all whilst trying to stay healthy and meeting their obligations with the media.

In a fun and revealing interview with Flavourmag, the man wrestling fans like to call “The Swiss Superman” was on great form as he explained how he maintains a strict routine of intensive strength training in order to pull off some of his more death defying moves.

Since making his debut with World Wrestling Entertainment, Cesaro has brought a European style to the larger than life American action; reminiscent of some of the hard hitting forearms and suplexes seen during the early days of World of Sport on ITV.

It’s a wrestling style that thousands of fans will be clamouring for when the WWE returns to the UK in November. (For tickets including Live SKY Television tapings see Some events are already sold out.)

And in a week that saw Silver-screen Superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson return to WWE Television in the states, Cesaro won’t rule out a future on the big screen. He told Flavourmag:

“I think wrestlers are a natural fit for the movies. When you consider we have to do all our own stunts and tell a story in the ring with passion… wrestlers are well placed for roles in TV and movies… I think maybe I would make a good Bond Villain!”

Flavourmag would have to agree. Cesaro has a mean sense of humour, is incredibly strong and sports a great athletic look. He is tall, lean and would give 007 a run for his money. Just a few of those European uppercuts and Bond would be shaken AND stirred!

Update: Hollywood is rife with speculation that fellow WWE superstar ‘Batista’, who just appeared in Marvels mega smash Guardians of the Galaxy, has in fact been cast as the main villain in the next Bond. Watch your back Batista!

Catch WWE when they tour the UK in November.

By Scott “Future” Felstead @scottfuture

WWE official youtube video of Cesaro: