Wyntonio Fire Beats

Inspired by the sounds of grungy EDM mixtapes from the 90s, Wyntonio Fire Beats has reimagined this style of House to suit his own musical agenda.

Recorded in his bedroom studio, Wyntonio Fire Beats captured the energy of rebellious youth that started the house movement in the 90s in his latest album entitled ‘The Night Club at Home 2’.

Coming from a musical family, Wyntonio Fire Beats started making music in Logic at the age of 15. His stage name of Wyntonio Fire Beats stems from an old nickname that he has kept since his school days. Preferring to release large quantities of music at a time, Wyntonio Fire Beats has already released an impressive amount of mixtapes in the last year, inspired by house, EDM, hip hop and rap.

‘The Night Club at Home 2’ is now available on all major streaming platforms.