Since, judging by the recent weather – summer is over, and autumn is around the corner, who could think of a better way to spend your Saturday nights before going out then watching the X Factor. The month of August saw the arrival of the long awaited X Factor auditions, back on our tv screens on ITV1. Over the next four months millions of viewers across the nation will witness some of the best vocal talent the UK has to offer, as well as some of the funniest and embarrassing entertainment moments – whilst entrants battle it out for the chance to win a life changing recording contract and a Christmas number 1 song. Do you agree or disagree with the judges decisions? – That is the question.

Now is it just me or did the show get off to an interesting start. On Saturday night (week one), the talent search hits Glasgow. We witnessed 41 year old Stephen Hunter up first giving a flamboyant theatrical dance intro – so incredibly long that even I forgot that it is a singing competition! Bless him. But its humorous performances like this that remind us exactly why we tune in to watch auditions – undoubtedly the most entertaining part of the competition process.

For me, the best audition of the night was from 18 year old Gamu Nhengu with her amazing rendition of ‘Walking on Sunshine’ by 80’s pop rock band Katrina and the Waves. Gamu displays such maturity in her vocal ability – that it looked like she’s been singing for years! And I thought gave Toni-Braxton-like facial expression and mannerisms. A lil pro in the making already. Props sis!

First of the trio groups to leave a lasting impression on the judges was ‘Jahm’ a combination of two students and a single mummie, who met after lead male vocalist scooped up the other two female group members from the internet! How convenient. Their performance of Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ shocked judges and the audience into a 10 second silence – in Simon’s words it was ‘utterly atrocious!’ They were crowned the worst group ever on the show.

Next up Madonna meets Gwen Stefani introduces 24 year old Katie Waissel. After Simon decides to switch her audition song, nerves and chit chat assist Katie in forgetting her words – Cheers Simon! Such a bubbly personality and wonderful stage presence Katie finally reverts back to her original song choice of Etta James ‘At Last’ – and displays such a unique quality that the judges could not deny putting her through, Louis however looks baffled.. as always.

In closing – strangest performance of the night goes to Shirlena Johnson, who scared me into actually believing that I needed ‘Releasing,’ after her insane interpretation of Duffy’s ‘Mercy’. Wow. And she got through. Can you believe that? Gamu all I can say is thank you.

Check in with me next week to review the UK’s favourite talent show – X Factor – welcome back.

Words by Kemi Giwa