This week, one of the funniest stories emerged regarding X Factor’s most entertaining act in the Over 28’s category – Mr Wagner Carrilho.

It was so amusing I couldn’t resist forwarding it to my boyfriend! And we, after strong deliberation, have concluded that we are in full agreement. The story published in the London Evening Standard, expressed that the popular  ITV shows enemies or critics if you will, are hoping to derail the X Factor with a campaign to make Brazilian singer Wagner win! I cried with laughter, having followed X Factor closely for many years, and been to the audition process I have witnessed very talent singers be turned away, it’s time for an uproar!

The judges complain of the lack of talent, but fail to let the serious singers through – so much for entertainment value, it’s about to take over! I hope the public votes do something outrageous this year!

On the X Factor protest internet campaign Facebook group page it read, ‘If you just fancy a really crazy Xmas number 1 this year… vote Wagner!!! If you despise all what the X Factor stands for vote Wagner!’

Tonight on the show the theme is Halloween.

Paije Richardson.
His performance was good – he sings Back to Black by Amy Winehouse, I didn’t like the opening notes, and the closing. I was screaming ‘Nooo Paije!’ don’t overdo it! Simon backed me up on that, saying there were a bit too many riffs in the beginning. Louis needs to stop patronising everyone by saying the same comment, “You’ve got it all, and You’re gonna win” etc etc..! In Louis eyes everyone would win!

Dannii, “Paije the soul man is in the house. Absolutely love it. Loved all the riffs, It gave it sparkle. The audience were on their feet. Singing brilliant, you’ve got style. I’m very, very proud of you.”

Rebecca Ferguson.
Rebecca sings Wicked Game for Halloween, I did really like her outfit tonight, I feel that the stylist made her look a lot older than her age, and was perhaps a bit too out dated. Nevertheless she’s amazing, Simon commented “I can tell for whatever reason tonight your nervous,” having said that he states “That was totally utter class,” it really was.

Simon, “I can tell you’re nervous tonight. A lot of people are looking nervous tonight, maybe because Treyc ended up in the bottom two last week. Total and utter class. You begin to remind me of when Leona Lewis was on this show, week after week turning into a star. It was a great choice of song.”

Louis, “Rebecca,  you’re Liverpool’s finest. We have to remember we’re looking for a star, someone who’s going to sell millions and millions of records, with a unique recording voice. That person is definitely you. You stand out for the crowd, and you’re such a nice person.”

Cher Lloyd.
Cher sings Stay by The Shakespeare’s sisters – I remember this song well from like 92. I was praying ‘don’t rap don’t rap’ Cher, for some reason I though she was going to do the Ghostbusters Theme tune! We are finally got to hear her sing, however emotional the song was, she still did it really well.

Louis, “Cher, I don’t know why you’re crying, that was an absolutely incredible performance. You absolutely can sing. You proved you’re not a one trick pony rapper. It was haunting, scary. Brilliant song choice, absolutely brilliant.”

Her mentor Cheryl commented, “You know what Cher, you did it babe. You put every single emotion into that and we all felt it. The nation gets to hear you sing. It was epic, it was beautiful – I’m so proud.”

Matt Cardle.
Yay! Matt sung Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis, I adore her so much. Matt is a G.
He did it so well, I could hear a duet with Leona, and she would love Matt’s voice. Bleeding Love was such a huge hit and he did it justice by adding his own style and interpretation.

Louis, “I think it was a strong performance. I think you’re going to be here until the very end. I wasn’t as crazy about the song as before. But I know Dannii so believes in you. I love you, I love your vocal. I just wasn’t as excited about it as last week.”

Cheryl, “There’s so much love out there for you Matt, it was a tough song for you to sing. It felt like you came out at the beginning already defeated. But I think girls fancy you, guys like you.”

Simon, “I also like you a lot Matt. It’s one of those nights tonight, I can really feel the nerves in the air. It’s like there was a punch up in the middle of the song, like you were afraid of the song and then you were winning. Thing the that I did like about it was that it wasn’t a copycat version, you put your own mark on it. You gave it 110%. It was a smart choice of song, no chance that you’re not going to be here next week.”

Mentor Dannii said, “I’m dumbfounded. I’m absolutely blown away with the other comments. You sing that incredibly, I dare any other guy to sing that song the way you do. I don’t know what’s going on. Did you guys arrive on broomsticks tonight? What I said before is that it’s good to be versatile, I’d love to come to your concert and I’d know what to expect.”

Do we sense a little jealously from the other judges? Wishing that perhaps they mentored Matt?

One Direction.
Aww bless them! there performance – Total Eclipse of the Heart was really good – again, their vocals are always on point, the Halloween make up was good, but didn’t really fit with the song, Ha-ha! Bless. Their styling is spot on I agree with Dannii, she said, “I wanna come to your party!” Dannii you’re not a teenager anymore love!

I love Zain Malik’s vocals the most they should let him lead.

Louis commented, “Boys, loved the whole Twilight thing, you definitely gel as a band. Everywhere I go girls tell me ‘Tell One Direction I love them!’ Simon, it’s actually is working. I’m not sure what the song had to do with Halloween?”

Simon, “It’s eclipse…”

Dannii, “Like I said before, you are a boy band doing exactly what a boy band should do. And looking at you I’m looking at you thinking the styling is better than any other week. You make vampires hot!”

Cheryl, “Everybody mentions One Direction, I think you’ve got a really long way to go in this competition.”

Simon, “Once again a great performance. What I really admire about you guys is that you’re 17 years old, you don’t believe the hype, you work hard, you rehearse, it’s a  total pleasure working with you guys.”

Treyc Cohen.
I missed her performance tonight. Sorry – but she’s back to boring me again, I caught the judge’s comments at the end of her performance to find they were deliberating on where to place Treyc in the industry today. Her dress, make up, and general appearance was so hot though. She sang her version of Lulu and Take That’s ‘Relight My Fire’.

Dannii, “Great for you for getting back up there with that energy and confidence. I know how hard it is. You can sing people off that stage. You look the best you’ve looked. But my question is, what is it  – that’s your signature? You’ve done ballads, rock, fun, but what is the style that defines you? I want to know if I went to your concert and or bought your album, what is the style that’s unique to you? I want to know because I love your voice.”

Simon, “I can’t fault that vocal. You are a great singer. I think the problem is I don’t think there’s a connection between you and Cheryl. There’s not a connection as a recording artist. You’re just someone who comes out on a Saturday night, sings well but nothing original yet. [To Cheryl] You’re not turning her into a recording artist yet.”

Cheryl [To Simon] “You’re out of order! We work with the themes, whatever the theme is that week, we choose the song. [to Treyc] You always deliver. I have got a connection with her.”

Mary Byrne.
Mary tonight looked so strangely adorable with two little devil horns in her hair. Her song choice was rather appropriate with Take That’s song ‘Could It Be Magic’ reminded fans that they have a comeback tour to look forward to next year and ticket sales went off rails this week.

Dannii, “Mary that was incredible. Absolutely perfect, listen to the audience. I really hope that you are taking all of this in. It’s well deserved, you’re class act. You’re turning into the diva that we love. I feel like we’ve got the Halloween disco started already!”

Simon, “Liked you last week, loved you this week. Your know what, that’s why we sit on this panel, to help Louis when he’s in trouble! Wrong song last week, fun song this week; great choice of song. You’re a horny little devil!” Woo Simon little crush on Mary there?!

Aiden Grimshaw.
This performance devastated me. I adore Michael Jackson, so wholeheartedly. I absolutely love him. Taking one of his best selling songs, ‘Thriller’, you wanna come good if you come at all. I felt let down, it wasn’t powerful, it was strange and weird and a bit odd to be fair.

Cheryl, “I think it was a really brave thing to take on such an iconic song. I can’t work out if it was really right or really wrong. Not every song requires that intensity. I’d like to see you smile a little bit more.”

Simon, “Ah look, [Pauses] it was bizarre. You and 25 dummies on stage, the whole routine. My feeling is, it needed to pick up tempo much sooner. It was indulgent. It was too much to the left. It was frustrating because it could have been fantastic, it was too slow, for too long.”

Belle Amie.
I really liked their entrance, and stage presence, and performance of song Venus – they for me totally looked like a girl group that have been together for years. We have to remember they were only put together earlier in the year. The vocals have been better, for me in other performances – the judge’s houses rendition of George Michael’s Faith was the best vocal by far.

Dannii, “Girls it was fun but I think, when you hear it back, the vocals were not on track. I think you needed to put as much effort into the vocals as the staging.”

Wagner Carrilho.
Go Wagner! His entrance was the best! He sings O Fortuna & Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf. The judges may as well give in to Wagnermania! He had the best make up – the judges are really mean to him. I agree with Dermot O’Leary, it’s time to give him some credit, he has an astonishing fan base.

Simon, “What the hell was that? What are you drinking Louis? I’m not being rude, I didn’t understand the whole song. It wasn’t that you were singing in Latin, I didn’t understand a single word. But people like you, and I can always leave the country!”

Louis, “Wagner, you are the fun on The X Factor. You’re the act everyone is talking about on the street. I want them all to vote for you if they want to see you next week. He sings in two languages – who else can sing in two languages?!”

Katie Waissel.
Katie’s make up was so eerily definitely fitting for Halloween, but a little distracting, she looked like the wicked Snow Queen from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe! Her performances are all a bit too cheesy now with the uncanny ‘Woo’s!’ and the ‘Come on boys!’ Dannie said her makeup was scary at least I wasn’t the only one, gheez!

Louis, “Katie, last week was a great week for you, this week was just as good. Some people born to be on stage and you’re absolutely one of them. You had a lot of negatively at start of the show, now people judging you on your talent…”

Dannii, “Last week was definitely your week. You identified your style. The makeup was a little bit scary for me. It was a bit distracting from the singing.”

Simon, “I said this the first time I met you, you’re like a singing scarecrow. What I like about you is that I think this competition would be more boring without you. You don’t take yourself too seriously, you embraced the theme, you chose a really clever retro song. You’re like Gwen Stefani. There’s a new generation of fun pop stars coming through. Great week – good for you.”


The results are here.

My prediction for the single elimination this week is, purely for not doing a Michael Jackson song justice Aiden Grimshaw. Pulling in the lowest votes either Katie or Wagner.

After spending most of my Sunday evening, gutting two home-grown pumpkins, answering the door to trick or treaters, and handing out Cadburys Fun size packs, the Halloween celebrations begin on the results show. Tonight included top performances from special guests, Rihanna and Jon Bon Jovi who the acts get the opportunity to sing Living on a Prayer with, and the much-loved Jamiroquai.

As the results are read out, Wagner is booed as he gets through to next week. I thought that was so wrong.

Surprisingly Belle Amie are the second of Simon’s groups to leave the competition, maybe a lot sooner than everyone anticipated. I was correct in saying that Katie would pull in the lowest votes, she always seems to choose a really good song for her Singing for Survival performance. The judges make it a tie, and the lowest number of votes by the public this week is unfortunately Belle Amie.

Words by Kemi Giwa.