Reality kicks in as we realise that – a mere 4 months ago, the X Factor semi-finalists entered the competition back in summer, filling out a simple application form, thinking ‘Ahh what have we got to lose…’

Now someone has the  chance to win a recording contract, change their families lives forever,  a 2011 tour, and  Christmas number one single –  just 5 acts, remain in the competition. As I recall my final three are One Direction, Matt Cardle and Cher Lloyd, but I love Rebecca also.

This is where it becomes scary. I do however think Mary will go this week, and when she does I think she will hold her head high, as her career has already begun. Of course she won’t be going back to Tescos! Yeah, maybe to sign autographs…

For tonight’s performances the themes is Club Classics, and appropriately Songs to get you in the final – after their performances one act will face a single elimination this week.

Mary Byrne.

Mary’s performances displayed such strong vocal ability, but sadly I’ve got a feeling, Mary’s going home. I love her, but I just feel the other 4 acts are more popular when it comes to the public vote, I could be wrong. Never Can Say Goodbye is a lovely song – I love the original so much.

Club Classic – Never Can Say Goodbye.

Dannii, ‘Mary’s got her mojo back! That was the campest thing I’ve ever seen, but I loved it. This was you at your best. So good to see you smiling, you deserve to be up there, you really do.’

Cheryl, ‘That’s such a club classic, I love to see you out of your comfort zone, it makes such a difference. Brian did well with the visuals, and well done.’

Simon, ‘I don’t think Brian was responsible for that. That was a scene from Louis’ bedroom. I can see him putting on Gloria Gaynor and dancing around. It was fun. I would have liked to have seen something a little bit more contemporary. It was a tiny bit lazy on Louis’ part.‘

Louis, ‘She’s been sick all week with the flu, she’s literally just out of her bed to perform.’

Simon, ‘What’s that got to do with the song choice?’

Louis, ‘She’s been sick. Mary you sung your heart out. You’re a diva up on that stage. Simon’s trying to be negative. I want people to vote for Mary.’

Song to get into the final – The Way We Were.

Dannii, ‘Mary that was a beautiful performance. And you look absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know why you’re crying after that performance.’

Mary, ‘This was a song Louis asked me to sing and I haven’t sung it for 15 years, my mother used to ask me to sing it.’

Cheryl, ‘You’re life has changed forever. You’re not going back to the checkouts. You’ve got an amazing platform.’

Simon, ‘This is not a time for tears, you should be very proud. I agree with Cheryl. That was much better than first song, and you are a good singer. I think whatever happens, you’re going to sell records, and you’re going to have concerts. You’re not going back to Tesco’s.’

Louis, ‘I know that song means a lot to you because of your mother. You’re an amazing role model for many women. I want those women to pick up the phone and vote because I want you in the final.’

Matt Cardle.

Club Classic – You’ve Got the Love.

I remember Wagner doing this song too! Matt is just phenomenal and if he’s not in the final I will eat my hat – literally. He will most definitely be in the final, he has the best vocal ability in the competition. Simon was a little harsh on Matt this week.

Louis, ‘Matt, you wouldn’t have thought you were sick. The thing about you is that you’re a true professional. You’re consistent every week, and consistently good. Girls like you, boys like you, and I think you could win the competition.’

Cheryl, ‘I absolutely love the fact you came out here and sang. Sometimes as an artist you get sick, it happens. You’re a true professional and I’d love to see you in the final.’

Simon, ‘Forget the fact you had flu, nobody cares. Brilliant choice of song, but you put your own flavour on it. Can I just mention I had cold this week as well.  I was in bed for two days. Having got to know you more this week, I want to vouch for the fact that you are a sincere, cool contestant.’

Dannii, ‘Matt, you’ve got the love. Thanks for not letting me down. You were so worried about that performance, I know it was a real struggle for you to get up there and sing. Thank you, that was brilliant.’

Song to get into the final – Always a woman.

Louis, ‘Matt, you are so going through to the final. Because every week you deliver. You haven’t had one bad performance. That was a brilliant song choice Dannii, it was a very heartfelt performance, and everybody loves you. You are in the final.’

Cheryl, ‘I can see you feel so ill – if there’s any reassurance I can give you, you’ve done it every week and you’ve got the support. I hope to see you in the final.’

Simon, ‘I agree with Cheryl, you’ve got a lot of support. Unfortunately for me, tonight this was your worst song. You’re not that safe artist, with a staircase and dry ice. It’s exactly what you’re not. I think it was a safe option, and I’m not a fan of the song.’

Dannii, ‘I think that’s what we call tactics Mr Cowell. I think that what we’ve done is to go with your strength. Even without the cold and the flu he’s had this week, that’s an incredibly hard song to sing. Everyone that wants to see Matt in the final, its vote time now.’

Cher Lloyd.

Club Classic – Love The Way You Lie.

Cher sang a recent Rihanna hit very well, this could have gone horribly wrong. It would have been good to hear her sing throughout, as the rap seemed a little out of place, but she did a fab job nevertheless.

Louis, ‘Cher, a really clever song choice with Eminen and Rihanna. You sang really well, you rapped really well, and I loved staging. You know if we’re looking for a new contemporary pop star, it has to be you. I love everything about you.’

Dannii, ‘Such a tricky song choice tonight. The rapping was great, and you hit your stride right towards end of the song. I would have loved to have heard you sing a ballad to get to the final.’

Simon, ‘It was a risk taking on Eminen and Rihanna, but for me it worked. Again I don’t think you sold out, you stuck to music you believe in. It was just you raw, doing what you do best. I’m a huge fan, you know that.’

Cheryl, ‘We’re not competing anymore, it’s about showing what kind of an artist you would be once you’re past the competition. I hope to God people see what I see, and pick up the phone and vote.’

Song to get into the final – Nothing On You.

Louis, ‘Little Cher, you’ve come a really long way. Loved the song choice. Loved staging by Brian Friedman, loved the styling. Great choice. Couldn’t see anything wrong with that at all.’

Dannii, ‘Cher, it just occurred to me at this moment it’s been such an incredible journey for you from the first live show. I don’t think you’ve hit the mark every time, but there’s something so watchable about you. For me, that song didn’t show the best of your vocals. But you’re a great performer, and that it did show.’

Simon, ‘Ever since the disaster of Beatles’ week, you’ve come back really fighting. What I really admire about you is that you’re fearless. You’ve had stick this week. I’m always going to stand up for you. You represent every teenager with a dream. If you didn’t make final after everything, it would be travesty.’

Cheryl, ‘I think there’s been a lot of confusion about you because your performances have attitude, you have stage presence. Backstage you’re a 17 year old girl with a dream like everybody else. I know you’re scared, but I would love nothing more than to see you in that final.’

One Direction.

Club Classic – Only Girl in The World.

The lads took on Rihanna aswell this week, such a current hit and successfully made it their own. I loved Zain’s little solo verse. The lads have grown so much, it’s hard to think that they were put together to form a group a few months ago.

Louis, ‘Week after week you just get better and better. If there’s any justice in the world, you absolutely should be in the final. You make a great boy band, you’ve gelled, you’re best friends and there’s something special about you.’

Dannii, ‘I really want to see you guys as the next big boy band, you really stepped it up for semi finals.’

Cheryl, ‘First things first, I’ve got to say I love you guys. I got to know you a little bit better this week because your mentor wasn’t around, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to mentor you. I’ve got to say that song choice was a little bit dangerous because it’s so current; it’s Rihanna’s latest single. You’ve got to make it as if Rihanna’s never sung it, and I don’t think you quite did that. Having said that, I hope it doesn’t matter and I hope to see you in final.’

Simon, ‘Someone’s being tactical. I know it’s going to sound biased, but I think the song choice was absolutely perfect for you. You didn’t choose a safe song. I looked current, it sounded current. You are fantastic to work with. But I’ve got to say, people may think you are safe after all the applause. If you want to see these boys in the final please pick up the phone and vote.’

Song to get into the final – Chasing Cars.

Louis, ‘Liam, Zain, Niall, Harry and Louis, I know your names! There’s something special about this band. I loved the song choice, the whole styling. You’re really good friends, there’s a great vibe about you, you’re going to be the next big boy band. I hope all the young kids out there will lift their phones and vote One Direction into the final.’

Dannii, ‘You’ve had a really tough week, and that was a really classy, classy performance. Never, ever had such a good band on The X Factor. Really good to see such a good band on the show.’

Cheryl. ‘Was so impressed this week when you didn’t have Zain and Simon wasn’t around. You showed a real level of maturity as artists.’

Simon, ‘Was told today by someone I work with, Tim, that you made the decision to get in at eight in the morning to give yourselves more rehearsal time. You picked yourselves up after tough week. I am genuinely really proud of you as people as well as artists. Great performance, I’m really proud of you.’
Rebecca Ferguson.

Club Classic – Show Me Love.

Wow Rebecca’s amazing, not everyone’s voice can fit perfectly with this classic dance track. The only criticism I could think of was maybe a little more two step! Brian where’s Rebecca’s choreography? That would have completed her performance for me, with a head set ear piece so she could move with the dancers. Her styling makeup and hair looked absolutely stunning! Her second song Amazing Grace –  equally beautiful.

Louis, ‘Rebecca, what a start to the show, and a real club classic. Wow. I think that was your best performance. Liverpool should be really proud of Rebecca. You showed us love, you showed us emotion that you can sing and dance. You’ve got everything!’

Dannii, ‘The mood in here is just electric! Liverpool, show her the love. That was brilliant.’

Simon, ‘I’m going to be honest with you, when I heard that you were doing this song I was nervous and I’m not normally wrong. Tonight I’m happy to admit I am wrong. This was a side of you I’ve never seen before. So cool, so controlled. This was the first time you showed me not only want to get to final but win the whole competition.’

Cheryl, ‘To see you from your first audition…’

Simon, [to Cheryl] ‘This one is so smug!’

Cheryl, ‘So smug, yes I am! Actually, this song originally came from Rebecca, and it worked people. So proud of you.’

Song to get into the final – Amazing Grace.

Louis, ‘ Rebecca, I’ve heard a lot of singers sing that song on this show. I think you’re my favourite contestant ever, behind the scenes you’re just so likable, lovable, and you’ve got star quality. You sang that so effortlessly. I think Liverpool has found itself a proper pop star. You deserve to be in final. I think you’re amazing.’

Dannii, ‘That was pure class. There are people who not only perform well, but have something special. You really deserve to be in the final.’

Simon, ‘That was absolutely stunning from beginning, middle to end. You haven’t come in with a game. You’ve just chosen two contrasting songs that you wanted to sing. No tricks, pure sincerity. Beautifully sung. You are a class act Rebecca.’

Cheryl, ‘hat absolutely sums to you. You are a sincere person inside, outside. You ooze class in every way. You’re everything we want from a next pop star. You are amazing.’


Tonight’s results show welcomes back 2008 winner Alexandra Burke, Internationally acclaimed US group Black Eyed Peas, and the US Musical Glee cast. I’ve made my mind up. I think the final three will be Rebecca, Matt, and One Direction. My prediction is Mary will go home tonight and Cher next week. She’s an amazing unique artist, but I fear that she cannot handle the pressure of the media, press and criticism, she needs to be really strong and become almost immune to it – in that sense I feel she would struggle. Let’s see if I’m right.

I was right Mary leaves the competition with only Louis vote for the final Cher wins the votes 3-1 making it through to next week. In the sing off I feel Mary did better, singing my favourite song of hers Man’s World by James Brown, and Cher showed signs of sadness in her performance, at a time where she really has to be strong and give it her all – singing Everytime by Britney Spears.

Louis, ‘Dermot, it was a really good sing off but for me Mary was incredible. It was emotional, believable. It was a real person living her dream, singing her heart out. For me it’s a very easy decision. The act I’m sending home is Cher. I want Mary to go through to the final.’

Dannii, ‘I think you’ve done an incredible performance and both been incredible contestants in the show. I’m going to choose the person that has the vulnerability, the person that tugged at my heart. The person I’m sending through to the final is Cher.’

Cheryl, ‘This is horrible because, Mary, you have always touched me with your vocal. You are two completely different acts that wouldn’t normally compete. Cher’s my girl and I’ve backed her from the start and will to the end. The act I’m taking through to the final is Cher.’

Simon, ‘This is quite straightforward. Mary, I did hear what you said on ITV2 show last night. Is difficult to get that kind of criticism, but tonight you proved what a good singer you are. Cher, I actually liked that song you just sang. It was like hearing you for first time, a very sincere performance. I see that one of you that can walk away from this with pride and a future. So the person I’m sending through to the final is Cher.’

Words by Kemi Giwa.