Louisa Johnson

X Factor winner Louisa Johnson looks stunning in the photographs from her first photo shoot post winning the X Factor 2015 finals.

Louisa Johnson was photographed for style bible Notion Magazine. We’ve managed to gather some questions from her interview which are below.

Louisa Johnson

NOTION: I was watching the final last night and Rita Ora, when the announcement was made, she was with you the whole way wasn’t she?

LOUISA: That was so funny. Afterwards, we both pulled the same facial expression, so funny.

NOTION: I think she was really holding her breath for you.

LOUISA: Do you know what, we’ve really grown so much together and I feel like we’ve bonded a lot… It was so nice to share that moment with her.

NOTION: Do you think you’ve become firm friends now?

LOUISA: Yeah, definitely. I will definitely stay in touch with her.

Louisa Johnson 3

NOTION: Do you think you would have been as successful if you had another judge as your mentor?

LOUISA: I don’t know because I haven’t experienced what they would be like so I couldn’t really say. But I think they all are amazing, like they all know individually what’s good for a person. Simon’s amazing at what he does and Nick is on radio and that’s going to help us promote our songs, Cheryl has been a performer, Rita is a performer, they all have their own individual way of dealing with things so I couldn’t really say. Rita for me, me and Rita really worked well together.

NOTION: Now you’re going to be making your own music. How do you want your music to sound?

LOUISA: I mean I’m young and I don’t really know which path I’m going to take now yet, but I feel like I need to try some things out. If they don’t work, they don’t work. I wanna try things, I like loads of different types of music, so it will be cool to try different things and see what’s best for me.

Louisa Johnson 4

NOTION:  A few more duets on the cards do you think?

LOUISA: Maybe, I’m not too sure which way its going to go. Hopefully it’ll all go to plan.

NOTION: It would be good if you did one with Rita.

LOUISA: We were talking about it, I would love to work with her in the future.

Louisa Johnson 1

Louisa’s debut single ‘Forever Young’ is out now.


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